Lilitu - The Delores Lesion

Year of Release: 2005
Label: The End Records
Catalog Number: TE 045
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00


What is it?

Disturbing scenes of addiction adorn the libretto ? tortuous lyrics describing despair and rage, harbingers of the downward spiral into futility the music must portend?


What it is:

The minute the vocalist opened his mouth, I shut my ears. I loathe this type of vocal delivery. Harsh, rasped, guttural, call it what you like, it's detrimental to the effect the music could have if as much effort went into the delivery of the lyrics as went into the arrangements.

I am TIRED of this. I want to hear aggressive music and feel its sonic impact. I want to listen to someone SING these lyrics to me so that I can RELATE to them. How can this type of vocal delivery be memorable or encourage anyone to want to listen to this anywhere within earshot of a rational being? I confess: I like to SING ALONG TO SONGS. Am I alone in this? Do people sit in their cars and drive to work with this blasting and shriek along to it? I just don't get it.

I know it's all about aggression and despair and yadda yadda yadda ? I know that the "emotion" it must take to punish one's vocal cords into this type of self-flagellation must be intense, but WHY? It sounds infantile and alienates more people than it attracts.

Don't these "death (insert sub-genre here)" bands want to make a living and make MORE PEOPLE WANT TO LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC? Haphazardly inserting a clean vocal line here and there only serves to add salt to the wounds ? the band demonstrates by this that they have the capability to deliver real singing BUT CHOOSE NOT TO!

I truly believe that bands resort to this type of vocalization because a) their scope is limited and they just don't have the musical knowledge to write melodies that can be sung, b) they just plain can't sing, c) they can't find anyone who does, d) they are just plain lazy, or, most egregiously, they don't care!

Musically the band mixes melodic death with a more straightforward guitar driven sound. Guitar solos are derivative, of the "hyper-speed blur of scales" variety ? largely soulless and devoid of purpose. Plenty of double-bass ostinatos, and the occasional half-hearted blast beat here and there, and some thoughtful yet incongruous keyboard orchestrations; all of this bolstering the rudimentary, hackneyed chord progressions.

Rating: 5-/10 [2.5/5] (the minus is for having the arrogance to have a singer that can actually sing well and has a powerful voice and deliberately resorting to "jailhouse rape" vocal stylings?)


Art for art's sake is a pass? concept. Anyone that says that they live by that credo is LYING.

Only The End Of The World Again / Even The Vultures Have Moved On / The Dolores Lesion / Ether / Follow Through / Desolation Breeds / Dark Haired Girl / Fragments Of My Reflection

Corey Long - drums
Derek Bonner - vocals,guitars
Jason Piona - guitars
Shane Bell - bass
Bau - studio keyboards

The Delores Lesion (2005)

Genre: Death-Black Metal

Origin US

Added: July 25th 2005
Reviewer: Jan-Mikael Erakare
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Language: english


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