Periferia Del Mondo - Un Milione Di Voci (A Million Voices)

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Akarma Records
Catalog Number: AK3002
Format: CD
Total Time: 58:02:00

This double LP set is the latest release from the Italian progressive rock giants Periferia Del Mondo. This is such a beautiful set to have in your collection. The striking artwork really pops out on the traditional gatefold LP sleeves, which opens up to several black and white stills of the band. I am not trying to impress upon you that this band is a commercially successful world-renowned band; they are far from falling into that categorization. They are a big fish in a small pond, that pond being the progressive rock genre. Keep in mind that the loyal and close following of this type of band far outweighs album sales or anything else that equates with success in today's business climate. Therefore, in a matter of speaking, they stand tall as giants in their own particular musical niche.

As far as I am concerned, groups like this define what progressive is. By combining elements of 70's prog-rock with a modern twist using horns, lush strings, and everything at their disposal, both technically and musically, a definite progressive mindset prevails on every track offered on this bountiful collection of tracks. If you are thinking that getting the LP will weaken the sound and compromise a listening experience that you would get from a CD, think again, it sounds just as good on vinyl. I cannot say that about all the music I hear on vinyl, in this case it does apply. This is progressive rock in all its glory with stunning artwork to summon thoughts of mysticism and science fiction movies, virtually everything this particular type of music seems to every time without fail. Although I cannot fully appreciate when the group sings in Italian, I certainly can enjoy and soak up all of the great music that is continuously presented on this recording.

Mauro Pagini and Banco's Vittorio Nocenzi guest - ed.

Side One: Luci A Un Universo Neonato (Lights From A Baby Universe) (1:29) / Percezioni Della Memoria (Perceptions Of The Memory) (1:50) / Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo (A Small Small Bourgeois) (9:10) - A. Cion Azione (Cion Action) - B. Un Nado Al Pettine (A Nado To The Comb) - C. Chiarezza (Clarity)

Side Two: Icanti E Perplessita (Spells And Perplexity) (5:03) / Two As One (3:21) / Eva Luna (Eva Moon) (4:19) / Cercando La Via (Trying The Way) (3:38)

Side Three: Can Stop (4:18) / Espresso (Parte 2) (Expressed (Part 2)) (4:13) / Immagine 1 (Image 1) (0:39) / Di Fogile E Di Acqua (Of Leaves And Water) (3:51)

Side Four: Un Millione Di Voci (A Million Voices) (6:58) / Monologo (1:06) / Lo Brucio (I Burn) (8:16) *please note that I have provided English translations of each track - KH

Claudio Braico - bass
Alessandro Papotto - alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, flute, synthesizers, berimbau, percussion & effects
Alberto D'Annibale - violin
Max G. B. Tomassi -electric, acoustic & classical guitars, effects
Bruno Vegliante - piano, keyboards, synthesizers, synth programming
Tony Zito - drums

Special guests:

Vittorio Nocenzi - keyboards
Mauro Pagani -

In Ogni Luogo, In Ogni Tempo (2000)
Omaggio A Demetrio Stratos (2001)
Un Millone Di Voci (2002)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin IT

Added: December 15th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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