Mind Gate - Spiral

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Lucretia Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 64:41:00

Mind Gate is a Polish outfit that brings with their debut album a collection of complex songs, mainly fitting the label prog metal, but in addition contain many other elements, such as blues and folk. It took me a long time to get to this album, because it is not easy to digest. Unfortunately the production does not sound very good, so I found it hard to listen to. Already in the first track, you get the idea this is a group of amateurs who recorded an album. Fortunately it does get a little better along the way, but they still need to do a lot of work in this field.

Besides lead vocalist Czerwik, they have assistance from a female singer, Asia Pach, who at least brings a more delicate and friendly touch to the music, as I absolutely don't like the voice of Robert Czerwik: over the top and without feeling. The musicians are obviously good at their job, and with a better production they will sound better, I'm sure.

Unfortunately I think the band has a long way to go. On "Falling Away," I had the idea they were finally on the right track, with some really crunchy guitars and a good rhythm, then an almost jazz-like intermezzo, followed by this kick ass keyboard solo, but then they ruin it by wanting too much at the same time. The songs are too complex, up to such a point where the band seemed to have lost all direction.

With exception of the singer, I do not question the fact they are good musicians. I especially like Maciej Czarski a lot, the keyboard player, as his parts sound the best here. But the compositions and the production need a lot of work. They have potential, that's for sure. They just need some guidance and help and things might improve a lot. The band has released two demos prior to this debut album. Check out the review of their last demo here: http://www.prog-nose.org/engels/albums_2003/mind_gate_willow_whisper.htm.

Sins Of Past (11:03) / Epitaph (7:40) / Falling Away (7:03) / Terminal Neurosis (9:53) / Sorrow (0:53) / Forever Alone (10:16)

Maciej Czarski - toetsen (keyboards)
Robert Czerwik - zang (vocals)
Jan Lorek - bas (bass)
Mateusz Maciejewski - gitaar (guitar)
Mikolaj Marcela - drums


Asia Pach - vocals

Spiral (2005)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin PL

Added: July 31st 2005
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.mindgate.prv.pl
Hits: 851
Language: english


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