Might Could - All Intertwined

Year of Release: 2005
Label: independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:59:00

Acoustic guitars. Three of them. And a bass. That is all the instrumentation constituting Might Could's All Intertwined. That's right. No drums. No electricity. No vocals. No platypus-being-shown-platypus-pornography samples. Were it not for the existence of similar outfits in the progressive rock world, such as the California Guitar Trio, some might wonder where the hell the band was going to get any guts and rock verve. Well, if you for some reason were thinking about that, worry no more. Not only does Might Could have plenty of both guts and rock verve, but it also has the ability to deliver some of the best interlocking instrumentals this side of Discipline-era King Crimson with such gusto that Andy Tillotson, Aaron Geller, Tim McCaskey, and Luis Nasser have immediately shot up to the pantheon of this style of music. Deified with a single album? You bet your body part that belongs to your drill sergeant.

As soon as the first note goes off on this album, it's hard not to notice that something special is going on. Forget the stunningly gorgeous acoustic interplay, the flawlessly clear production, or the compositionally accomplished construction of each track; this goes well beyond mere technical aspects into realms that combine them with profoundly visceral emotions and drive. And as if that weren't enough, a rather interesting roster of sonic references surfaces without making this quartet get anywhere close to sounding like a cheap imitation of anyone else. Recalling previous sentence structuring, forget the interlocking guitars of eighties King Crimson; this goes well beyond this point of reference (a very valid one, by the way) to touch upon other interesting relatives: a vague hint of Gordian Knot when short acoustic solos are employed; a healthy dose of NES music influence, particularly on Geller's two contributions to the album; and a striking resemblance to an older acoustic In Flames that is particularly noticeable on "Standoff."

Crimson, progressive metal, video games, and death metal? Well, yes and no. For all we know, the members of Might Could might have never listened to In Flames' acoustic Black Ash Inheritance EP or to either one of Gordian Knot's albums. For all we know, Geller never played on an NES console, although this is rather unlikely. For all we know, not a single one of the three guitarists has ever listened to any music ever, although this is pretty much impossible. What we do know, however, is that all these references are useful in describing the approach of Might Could; one that is not truly exploring daring new ground, but which is carried out to sheer perfection. In fact, the perfection goes as far as to concern balance, which is evidenced in the alternation of tracks that are groups of persistent coils of interlocking guitar lines and ones that are either more lyrical or bohemian, leaving more breathing space despite the continued existence of the interlocking principle. Add to that a nice sense of melody and the somewhat jagged neurosis of the quirkily intense "A Horrible Croaking," and you've got yourself a winner. Now, ignore the time that "Puijilittatuq" consumes in finally taking off, and a couple of short moments throughout the album that aren't quite up there with the rest, and you probably have one of the best releases of this year. Do yourself a favor. Pick it up.

Similar artists: California Guitar Trio, 80s King Crimson, Gordian Knot

Machinery (3:34) / Lapse (3:49) / The Miscommunication Suite: i. Turn Around - ii. Be Wrapped Up - iii. It Is On Coiled - iv. It Goes (Burns) Reeled Up - v. It Goes (Fire Wound) Arc (5:23) / Tricycle (3:49) / Standoff (4:29) / Instability (3:21) / Puijilittatuq (6:43) / Interchange 3 (3:51) / A Horrible Croaking (2:01) / Not Every Song Finds A Name (8:08) / The Water Parted (5:47)

Andy Tillotson - guitars
Aaron Geller - guitars
Tim McCaskey - guitars
Luis Nasser - bass

All Intertwined (2005)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: September 25th 2005
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.mightcould.net
Hits: 887
Language: english


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