Redemption - The Fullness Of Time

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Sensory
Catalog Number: SR3027
Format: CD
Total Time: 57:29:00

It all started from an innocent meeting in Los Angeles ? yes, a meeting that soon became a friendship between multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Van Dyk and Ray Alder, the incredible singer from seminal Fates Warning. Like a little embryo that slowly grows and evolves step by step, this collaboration gave us at first a brief guest spot of each artist on the other's latest album (the first one in the case of Nicolas) then the genesis of this record: The Fullness Of Tim, where the young creature of Nicolas Van Dyk clearly comes full circle. In fact, it was Alder who immediately decided to join the Redemption project (or should we say band?) as soon as he heard the new material that Nicolas had just written. So here we are! Gathered are the precious services of Prymary's sharp rhythmic section but, most of all the production' skills of Tommy Newton (already the alchemist behind such masterpieces like Ark's Burn The Sun and Conception's Flow) the dream team was ready to hit it big! And that's exactly what happened, thanks to some wonderful songs like the dramatic "Parker's Eyes" or the complex "Sapphire," which not so strangely recall the most inspired works of the afore-mentioned Fates Warning. Now, considering that the future of the band guided by the great Jim Matheos is on hold after the demise of Mark Zonder (and a good but not great FWX) we are left pondering at the old Italian adage: "The Pope is dead, another Pope will emerge." Who knows ? we wait for some pleasant updates.

Also released by Massacre (MAS CD0491)

[Now, don't panic. I'm not sure what Igor meant by "demise," but Zonder didn't die. He has, however, another project that's he's involved in called Temple Within, a modern heavy rock trio with Wayne Findlay (MSG) and Gregg Analla (Tribe of Gypsies). The first album is scheduled to begin recording in October 2005. -ed]
Threads (5:43) / Parker's Eyes (6:15) / Scarred (7:56) / Sapphire (15:55) / The Fullness Of Time: I. Rage (5:01) / II. Despair (3:20) / III. Release (5:16) / IV. Transcendence (7:59)

Ray Alder - vocals
Nick Van Dyk - guitar
Bernie Versailles - guitar
James SHerwood - bass
Chris Quirarte - drums

Redemption (2003)
The Fullness Of Time (2005)
The Origins Of Ruin (2007)
Snowfall On Judgment Day (2009)
This Mortal Coil (2011)
Live From The Pit (2014)
The Art Of Loss (2016)

Frozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta (2009)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin VA

Added: October 30th 2005
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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Language: english


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