Tarantula - Metalmorphosis

Year of Release: 2005
Label: AFM Records
Catalog Number: AFM-0932 2499
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:37:00


I love it when a band takes chances and comes up with a clever concept. Even a piquant twist on an old one can be refreshing.

Pushing boundaries and blazing trails have always been the hallmarks of great bands ? bands that, unafraid to take chances and secure enough in their identity that despite the need to eke out a living, garner respect, remain relevant or garner anything but uproarious scorn and derision, pursue their own vision.

In spite of blatantly vapid lyrics, hilariously misogynistic concepts, overwrought imagery, and overblown pomposity, please, folks, allow me to introduce ? Tarantula!


Taking their cues from dozens of 80s stalwarts (where do I start ? the Bon Jovi talk box intro to "New Tomorrow," the harmonized guitars of "Sea Of Doubts," the "poof-a-doom" hair, white ruffled shirts, leather?!?), paunchy Portuguese dinosaurs Tarantula have managed to cram every single egregious aspect of the hair metal decade into one ill-conceived yet seemingly archly-executed package.


2 /5. The plus is for the trip down memory lane, and for the inspired use of lyrical clich?s so harrowing that I will sample them for you here, in order that I might exorcise them from my subconscious:

"Trapped in the danger zone, caught in a cross-fire?" ("We Go With The Flow")
"In your eyes, it's all in your eyes; I know you so well, in your eyes, Judas in disguise" ("All In Your Eyes")
"You've got a heart of stone, you are playing with fire, you're meant to be alone" ("Meant To Be Alone") ?


Tarantula provides mid-paced, formulaic hard rock that borders on the metallic but never manages to teeter from ridiculous to sublime. Metalmorphosis is expertly yet perfunctorily executed, rife with hyperbole and histrionics?

Breaking The Barriers Of Time / We Go With The Flow / The Bleeding Land / New Tomorrow / Your Promised Land / All In Your Eyes / Sea Of Doubts / Far Away From God / Meant To Be Forgotten / Under Control

Jorge Marques - vocals
Paulo Barros - guitars
Jos? Aguiar - bass
Luis Barros - drums

Tarantula (1987)
Kingdom Of Lusitania (1990)
Tarantula III (1993)
Freedom's Call (1995)
Light Beyond The Dark (1999)
Dream Maker (2001)

Genre: Other

Origin PT

Added: October 30th 2005
Reviewer: Jan-Mikael Erakare
Artist website: tarantula.com.sapo.pt
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Language: english


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