Landmarq - Science of Coincidence

Year of Release: 1998
Label: Synergy Records
Catalog Number: SYN 002
Format: CD
Total Time: 63:16:00

After losing their vocalist to a solo career attempt*, and a brief hiatus, Landmarq return with Tracy Hitchings (Quasar, Strangers On A Train) on vocals and this new album - Science of Coincidence.

Musically, the band have lost the harder edge that they had, and thus some of their distinctiveness. This Landmarq is closer to Marillion, Jadis, et al, than before. Such that if you were to take Hitchings out of the picture, you'd think it was Marillion: the swirling keyboards (Steve Leigh), the melodic guitar lines (Uwe D'Rose). While normally I don't have a problem with bands influenced by others, here it is a letdown.

Vocally, Tracy Hitchings gives Landmarq a different character from their contemporaries, but I'm not entirely sure I like her singing voice. There are moments where she is shrill and times when her notes are flat. In fact, during "Heritage," she actually seems to be holding back, and taking an unexpected, and [not?**] entirely effective, turns. I'm not familiar with Hitchings as vocalist, aside from a single track on an SI Magazine compliation disk, but I'm guessing her style here isn't any different here from past efforts.

This is a more pop Landmarq, evidenced by "Summer Madness." This would have been a hit in the summer of '85; it's that poppy. The track I like best is "Lighthouse," where I think Hitchings' range is used to the best effect.

"Between Sleeping And Dreaming" begins pleasantly enough with a gentle piano intro, but there is something very familiar sounding about this song - or maybe it's just there's something very 70's about it. "More Flames For The Dancer" sounds more like a children's song (maybe because there's choir of children here) - something from a "Disney animated classic" or from the musical Cats. The music lends itself to this image: Hitchings pawing the air, cat-like, during certain lines.

It's not a bad album, the music is good and well played and pleasant enough to listen to, but ... but Hitchings vocal style does take some getting used to. Personally, I had hoped for something more in the area of Kate Bush, for example. While Hitchings can get close in range, what's missing is an earthy undertone.

*Ex-vocalist Damien Wilson actually departed after their second release, Infinity Parade, but returned to guest on The Vision Pit (1995). On another side note: the pattern of having a track titled after the previous release continues here, with a track called "The Vision Pit."

**In re-posting this to the new version of the site - Aug 2005 - and um... proofing it, I don't know if whether I meant to say "not effective" or that it was "effective"...have left the word "not" out (perhaps). In context... I think I meant "not effective."

Science of Coincidence (5:14) / The Vision Pit (12:15) / Heritage (5:43) / Summer Madness (7:43) / Lighthouse (10:47) / Between Sleeping and Dreaming (4:33) / More Flames For The Dancer (6:38) / The Overlook (10:11)

Tracy Hitchings - lead and backing vocals
Uwe D'Rose - electric and acoustic guitars
Steve Leigh - piano, synths, and backing vocals
Dave Wagstaffe - drums and backing vocals
Steve Gee - basses and backing vocals

Solitary Witness (1992/2002)
Infinity Parade (1993/2002)
The Vision Pit (1995)
Science Of Coincidence (1998)
Thunderstruck (1999)
Aftershock (2002)
Turbulence - Live In Poland (2009)
Entertaining Angels (2012)
Origins - A Landmarq Anthology (2014)
RoadSkill - Live In The Netherlands (CD/DVD) (2015)

Turbulence - Live In Poland (DVD) (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: January 1st 1999
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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