Yaan-Zek, Phi - Solar Flare

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Geomagnetic Records
Catalog Number: GEO-333
Format: CD
Total Time: 66:54:00

Phi Yaan-Zek is not the frat house you partied at in college, but a guitarist that should light the fires of those looking for guitar based, diverse music that features a broad range of styles. Phi is not out to dazzle you with a million notes per minute, his playing is tasteful, but he can conjure up those speedy lines when necessary. Jeff Beck whammy infused licks are infused in the title track, with mood shifts provided by piano, flute, and sax during the breaks. But, the true test is not just the guitar playing, because that would get boring after a few songs. The compositions are strong, with very interesting rhythms and instrumentation to support the melodies. From the unison guitar keyboard lines in "Hyperspatial" to clean laid-back jazzy riffing in "High" (which suffers a bit from the vocals being too smooth), Phi gets it right by providing the listener with a variety of tones and styles. The volume swells of "So Far Away" show the delicate side of Phi's playing, simple and effective. "Little Space Creatures" seems to reaffirm that Zek has listened to a few Jeff Beck records in his day. If you want to hear something heavy, try "Psychometamorph," with its heavy distorted rhythm crunch and combination of horns, keyboards and guitars creating the hottest track on the disc.

Fans of instrumental music should enjoy this eclectic mix of styles. Varied instrumentation, melody, and well thought out arrangements. Oh - I hope I did not forget to mention that Phi's guitar playing is nothing short of impressive.

Solar Flare (5:36) / Hyperspatial (5:00) / High (5:07) / Out In The Boonies (5:33) / So Far Away (5:45) / I Phi (7:24) / Psychometamorph (7:00) / Little Space Creatures (5:07) / Grasshopper Medicine (6:26) / Passion Reborn (5:20) / Solar Reprise (8:21)

Phi Yaan-Zek - guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals, mandolin, bass
Fabio Trentini - bass
Marco Minnemann - drums, percussion
Lale Larson - Piano, keyboards
Peter Stacey - Flute, Sax
Maggie Tomkins - Accordian
Brian Gulland - Glockenspiel, Bassoon
Misty - Vocals
Ilhaam Selih - Intro Voice (4)
Andy Banks - Frame Drum
Bumblefoot - Fretless guitar solo (7)
Zak Haipney - Trumpet, hand claps
Anarion MacIntosh - Didjeridoo
Kerry McKenna - Backing vocals

Anomalies (1997) (as Philippe Ansari)
Worlds Beyond Cause (1997) (as Philippe Ansari)
Solar Flare (2005)

Genre: Other

Origin VA

Added: November 29th 2005
Reviewer: Eric Porter

Artist website: www.phiyaan-zek.com
Hits: 900
Language: english


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