Acidente - Quebre Este Disco

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Rock Symphony
Catalog Number: RSLN 028
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:52:00

Founded in 1978, the Brazilian band Acidente concerns two different line-ups. The first, that stayed together for nine years, was solely founded on basic rock and blues, but it was with the re-incarnation in 1989 that the band became of interest for prog lovers. In late 1989 the band recorded Em Caso De Acidente ? Quebre Este Disco or roughly translated: ?in case of accident ? break this record." Originally recorded on eight channels on analogue equipment this CD-transfer has been thoroughly remastered. Next to the 13 tracks of the original album no fewer than five bonus tracks have been added in order to create a great re-issue.

Apart from one vocal track, added here as a bonus, all of Acidente?s music is completely instrumental, more than once incorporating a South-American feel, such as during ?Os Doces Anos De ?75? to name but one. In ?Ilha Fiscal? I briefly hear the atmosphere of PFM?s ?Celebration." Some of the material has a commercial, funky feel which mainly is the result of the bass playing. Take the uptempo ?Nao Querer? with the slapping of the bass next to the Camel-like approach on the synths as an example of how two completely different worlds blend into a new whole. Some of the songs even seem to flow into one another to kind of create a bigger epic. There are some tendencies towards fusion tucked away as well but because of the rather commercial feel of the rhythm section (take ?Horda de Hunos?) the music of Acidente doesn?t seem to be of a very complex nature. As a result, it's only the occasional guitar solo that lifts the compositions towards an interesting level. ?Raios De Sol? is another attempt at creating prog but with a funky hook, almost resulting in an improvised Level 42 with Jarbas Loop stepping into Mark King?s shoes! Once more the rhythm for ?Praia Deserta? already limits the potential of the song from the word go. Try and replace that rhythm with something completely different, more daring, more experimental and you?re in for a winner here.

The bonus tracks feature one vocal track that not only suffers from dropouts but also tries to combine middle of the road kind of music, with "eurovision song contest" arrangements, topped by an uninspired, unnerving drum sound. The year 2000 saw yet another line-up, this time including a new drummer and bass player next to the ever present Paulo Malaria on keyboards. The trio recorded the "Expo Rock 2000 Supplement" especially for this disc and I have to confess these songs are the best on the album. The band makes full use of the digital recording facilities resulting in clear open compositions. ?Miosa? is built around the great organ sounds of Malaria and this time both bass and drums don?t try to be the main attraction which is exactly what this music needs. ?Ad Here? is another fine tune where the drums extra underline the piano but sadly switch towards neo-disco in the middle section. This time the bass sounds like a young Stanley Clarke and it strikes me how many times the bass is given room to shine by Malaria. Sadly the rhythm kills what begins as an interesting song once ?Expo Rock?? takes off. In the end all you?re left with is an ordinary rock song of which you can find millions tucked away in many an attic! A slight Arabian feel creeps in ?Baba Kibe? which once again is built on top of a very plain, commercial rhythm. Maybe it?s time Paulo Malaria records a new album all by himself as I?m sure even drum machines will be more inventive!

Nilopmusic (2:57) / Nao Querer (2:31) / Pactolo (1:44) / Os Doces Anos De '75 (3:24) / Ilha Fiscal (1:14) / Horda De Hunos (0:50) / P?rolas Aos Porcos (1:43) / Raios De Sol (4:16) / Raia Deserta (2:36) / Acidente (1:29) / Exercicio 806 (1:20) / Peixe Por Um Dia!? (2:25) / Danca Da ? Noite (1:23) Bonus Track : Fim Do Mundo (3:18) / Expo Rock 2000 Supplement: Miosa (3:36) / Ad Here (5:19) / Expo Rock (3:53) / Baba Kibe (2:46)

Bruno Mega - drums (tracks 1-13)
Mario Costa - drums (tracks 14-18)
Jarbas Loop - bass (tracks 1-14)
Ary Menezes - bass, guitar (tracks 15-18)
Paulo Malaria - keyboards (all tracks)
Zinga Ezzaet - guitar (tracks 1-14)
Helio Jenn? - vocals (track 14)

Guerra Civil (1981)
Fim Do Mundo (1983)
Piolho (1985) (ep)
Quebre Este Disco (1990)
Gloomland (1994)
Farawayers (1996)
Quebre Este Disco (+ bonustracks) (2000)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin BR

Added: March 21st 2001
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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