Orejas Y La Lengua, Las - La Eminencia Inobjetable

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Viajerio Inmovil
Catalog Number: LOYLL002VIR
Format: CD
Total Time: 44:39:00

If there is one thing that characterizes La Eminencia Inobjectable is that there is really no one thing that characterizes La Eminencia Inobjectable, though there is one aspect that does dominate, as I'll explain shortly. While it goes down nice and smooth, even if it tickles you a little on the way down, there's a nervous energy to it that makes it a little jumpy. This all instrumental release (aside from a bit of vocalizations at one point), moves effortlessly from hip/lounge jazz, to contemporary jazz, to a dash of ambient - sometimes within in the same piece. That hip/lounge jazz element, which predominates, seems rooted in the late 60s. The image that came to mind in a very general way was of Steve McQueen and Bullitt. Although I don't recall the soundtrack to the film, the music here could certainly underscore the big car chase scene. The vehicles it brings to mind, however, is not the black Mustang McQueen's character (Frank Bullitt) drives, but of smaller, sportier cars - racing cars in fact, in flat colors (compared to today's glossy exteriors) with racing stripes (which recalls another McQueen movie, again generally: LeMans). An interesting side note is that Bullitt's music composer was Lalo Schifrin, who was born in Argentina where La Orejas Y La Lengua originate.

La Eminencia Inobjectable is seriously unserious but not comical - light and playful, played with a wink every now and then (the bouyant, and at times tango-like, "Irremediable Muerte Del Sr. Sandoval Y Su Chica La Sodomita" for example). And yet for all its often quirky themes, one also gets lovely and lyrical passages, often in the same piece. "Ignacio" for example includes during its 4-minute plus run - warm brass, all sorts of sonic effects including springy "boings," desending cries, minimalist guitar, frenetic percussion bursts. "Fugaz En La Ciudad Antigua" is a gentler piece, with layers of guitar - acoustic and electric - and brass.

"$5000 De F. Kropfl" is another point where the ambient experimental elements comes in - sounds of birds are constrasted with bubble-percussion (clipped rounded?bloopy notes).

In thinking about comparisons - I think a convergence of King Crimson, French TV and Miriodor would be a good starting point, more heavily on the latter two. I'll admit that in listening to the CD, there was in the back of my mind "a sounds like?" thought and couldn't quite put a name to it. Seeing the reference to Miriodor at the Viajero Movil site clicked into place for me (itself a reference from a quoted Exposé review) - the bad thing about keeping so much music in my head is that things get jumbled. There are a few moments, as on "Gastando Las Vacaciones Limpiando Casas," where a hint of Jethro Tull comes to mind, both in the stuttering arrangement and the use of flute, but given the varied textures and styles, I don't think it is any direct or specific influence. In fact, LOYLL are a band seemingly taken by their own inspiration - and idea, a rhythm, and they go with it. For example, with "Tratado" we get the most subdued and mellow atmosphere - bass and wavery keys ? joined momentarily by flute. This doesn't last long, as we soon segue into mid-tempo acoustic jazz (Acoustic Alchemy came to mind, or Craig Chaquico (sans steel guitar)? )

Even with its, to me, 60s hip vibe, it doesn't sound dated. There's a freshness to the arrangements. Recorded in 1996, it wasn't released until 2002. There may be too many shifts in texture within one track - parts needing more development on their own -- but it is, on the whole, a very enjoyable and exciting CD to listen to.

Así Suenan Tus Ojos (3:45) / Las Mil Y Una Formas De Acabar Con La Tragedia De Occidente (3:56) / Guaresimia (4:31) / Fugaz En La Ciudad Antigua (3:11) / $5000 De F. Kropfl (1:35) / Salter Y Brincar (2:10) / Telelito (2:55) / Anzuelo Para Fennanno (0:48) / Ignacio (4:14) / Gastando Las Vacaciones Limpiando Casas (4:57) / Tratado (4:40) / Irremediable Muerte Del Sr. Sandoval Y Su Chica La Sodomita (6:14) / Bonus Track: Igual Qua Ayer O Peor (1:35)

Rogelio Corte - flute
Fernando De La Vdega - drums
Nicolas Diab - bass, double bass, mandoline, vocals, tapes, drum machine, piano, acoustic guitar
Diego Kazmierski - piano, synth, sampler, sequence
Gato Leiras - electric guitar, bandurria, mandolin, tapes, vocals, drums

La Eminencia Inobjetable (2002)
Error (2003)

Genre: RIO

Origin AR

Added: January 11th 2004
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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