Darling - D2R

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Darling/Drums Productions
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 45:07:00

Hal Darling calls his work "Music for free thinkers." He is the complete musician on D2R, his latest offering of instrumental progressive rock rapture. I am one listener that truly appreciates the effort and intensity that goes into a project like this. Primarily, anyone attempting to construct a recording such as this must be technically adept in all production phases, and then be willing and able to make it all come together with music that makes sense. I think Darling has it all covered on his new release. As with all progressive rock, the influence of classical music is ever present throughout. Darling expertly utilizes his skills with percussive instruments and keyboards to their fullest, with help from special guests Uri Gatton (electric, acoustic and MIDI guitars) and Athan Gailis (woodwinds, brass and MIDI horns). This authoritative combination of technology sounds wonderful. The artist requested that I give this CD a few critical listens, well I gave it several, and I enjoyed it more each time.

Fans of Planet X, King Crimson and ELP will really enjoy this CD. Music like this is a soundtrack to whatever you want it to be, it pulls you out of your present reality and creates an entirely new one especially for you. The opportunity to hear such accomplished musicians at work such as Hal Darling is indeed a blessing. The best part of instrumental music is that it allows you the space in your head to create your own images to the music without the distraction of vocals to paint the picture. Good examples of this process are the first two tracks. "Clown On Fire," depicts a circus like atmosphere with a touch of psychotic insanity on a merry-go-round of sound and "Black Rhyme" is like watching the movie Carrie as she goes to the prom (funny I should picture this, as there is a track called "Prom Vomit") on a gloomy Halloween night, which is very poignant. "Asunder" is a fitting end to this incredible instrumental journey, it brings you to many climaxes and then drops you like a hot potato and then picks you back up again, its all very emotional and unpredictable. I know it sounds crazy but it is very good.

As an added bonus, Darling explains each track. He sheds an entirely different light on the project by explaining each song and the impetus behind the creation, which makes for a complete listening experience for the astute and discriminating prog-rock listener. If you feel like walking into the Twilight Zone of music for a while this could be your one-way non-stop flight.

Clown On Fire (4:48) / Black Rhyme (4:50) / Prom Vomit (2:36) / Where Seraphs Despair (3:32) / Rope of Sand (1:50) / Aggressive Biological Behavior (6:27) / An Unsettled Score (2:51) / Run (6:30) / Dog Dreams (2:46) / A Breach of Species One Through Five (0:40) / Mr. Smith Shows the Children How to Smoke a Cigarette (4:41) / Asunder (6:56)

Hal Darling - All manner of percussives and keyboards

Special Guests:

Uri Gatton - All electric, acoustic and MIDI guitars

Athan Gailis - All woodwinds, brass and MIDI horns

Darling (1996)
D2R (2003)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: January 27th 2004
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.haldarling.com
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Language: english


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