Camel - Mirage

Year of Release: 1974
Label: Deram
Catalog Number: 820 613-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 37:47:00

Camel's second release Mirage begins to establish the classic Camel sound. Opening with the Bardens penned "Freefall"; it features some ripping guitar and keyboard work, yet somewhat marred by the uninspired vocals by Bardens. The interesting thing is that at about 3:25 into the track, you might think you were listening to the Allman Brothers. "Supertwister" offers up a hefty portion of flute, which many Camel fans often complain they don't get enough of in the band's later years.

The middle of the record is where the band seems to hit full stride and really come up with the sound that would carry them to their most acclaimed release The Snow Goose. "Nimrodel ? 1. The Procession, 2. The With Rider" and "Earthrise" are the two gems here. Both tracks offer up lengthy examples of the band's melodic and lyrical playing. An obvious Tolkien influence can be found in the lyrics of "The White Rider." Bardens steps out for a lengthy keyboard solo, eventually turning it over to Latimer. The instrumental "Earthrise" has a slow building intro, and has Bardens and Latimer trading off carrying the melody and lead work throughout the track, giving both an intense workout.

The disc ends with the Camel classic "Lady Fantasy." A concert staple to this day, it has served the band well, and in the various versions they usually stick close to what you hear on this disc. Mirage shows a band maturing and growing into a signature sound. You can hear the ties that Mirage shares with The Snow Goose and it seems like a logical progression. Camel has always been about melody, and you can find plenty here, as even during the longer instrumental breaks, there is always something to hang your hat on, as the guitar and keyboards are truly the bands main voice.

Freefall (5:47) / Supertwister (3:20) / Nimrodel: The Procession - The White Rider (9:12) / Earthrise (6:42) / Lady Fantasy (12:46)

Andy Latimer ? guitar, flute, vocals
Pete Bardens ? keyboards, vocals
Doug Ferguson -bass
Andy Ward ? drums

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Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: January 27th 2004
Reviewer: Eric Porter

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Language: english


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