Galahad - Myrddin

Year of Release: 2000
Label: GEMA
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Not to be confused with the UK neo-prog group of the same name, this Galahad hails from Germany, though you'd never guess it by the band's style of music. This is Galahad's 3rd full length CD, released in 2000. The band has been around in one shape or another since the mid-eighties. One listen and you'll be convinced that the band is from the UK. They play a progressive form of folk rock that encompasses Celtic and UK folk sounds, blended with rock in much the same way Jethro Tull was doing it around the mid to late 70s.

However, comparisons aside, this band is more unique than just their German roots. First of all, there's two vocalists, the laid-back Ulli Koberg who executes an easy almost spoken-word delivery ? and then there's angelic vocals of Elke Verfondern, whose haunting delivery sends shivers down my spine and quickly recalls the glory days of Steeleye Span.

But what makes Myrddin simply outstanding is the beautifully crafted songs, 15 in all (track 10 comes in 5 parts), and not a bad one in the batch. In fact, there is not even a mediocre one on the CD, which makes for an hour of exquisite folk rock listening pleasure.

As I mentioned, the sound is remniscent of Tull's folk days, and on Myrddin the electric guitar is upfront and loud in places, with a healthy dose of heavy riffs to keep even the most ardent rocker satisfied. The songs are folk inspired, but group originals with their own particular arrangements and progressive orchestrations. Time signatures and melodies vary throughout, making the CD a dense and diverse listening experience.

Even the folk styles vary, from the alternative folk AKA Leonard Cohen style of Koberg's vocals, to the jazz-folk-rock Tull, traditional Fairport/Span British folk-rock, to Gaelic medieval that touches other cultures and regions in greater Europe.

Add to the superb songwriting and arrangements, the brilliant, crystalline production of Eroc's (Grobschnitt) Studio work, and this is an indispensable release. For those who love European/UK folk influenced rock, this album is easily the best in years, and it stands in good company (with a number of superb releases by Blackmore's Night in its wake).

Celtic Queen / Look Behind / The Leaving Of Inishmore / Myrddin / Heal Me / Nimue - A Mused Moment / End Of Journey / Girl Form The Woods / Under My Rainbow / The Truth / Two Witches

Paul Alexander Jost - singing, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Elke Verfondern - singing, tin-whistle, bodhran
Ralf Veith keyboard, singing, guitar
Peter Huntenburg bass, singing
Oliver Horlitz Schlagzeug - percussion
Dieter Horlitz - electric guitar

Sir Galahad (ep) (1985)
Dragons, Knights, and Virgins (1995)
The Return Of The Piper (1997)
Myrddin (2000)
Storyteller's Dance (2003)

Genre: Progressive Folk

Origin DE

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Reviewer: RIPZ
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