Delight - The Last Tale Of Eternity

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Metal Mind
Catalog Number: MMP DVD 0018/DR-4379
Format: DVD
Total Time: 120:00:00

Delight is a Polish, Gothic / Symphonic Metal Band that doesn't get a lot of attention when compared to similar bands like Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, and others of the kind. Given the chance, I'm willing to bet on a quick-rising career that would put them on the map instantly. With the release of their first DVD, The Last Tale Of Eternity, I'm hoping that the band does finally get the recognition they deserve.

What separates this band from others in the genre is the heaviness of the guitars and the power and speed in the music. While most Goth bands choose to maintain a steady, flowing, accessible beat within their music, Delight chooses to kick up the power a few notches, and boost the speed when needed. The music can also be considered slightly progressive at times as well.

The DVD draws from their latest and best disc, Eternity. The most mature disc as well, it boasts a wonderful combination of power, melodies, and atmosphere. Add in one of the best melodic Goth ballads ever, "Whale's Lungs", and this band should be on the radio worldwide based on that one song. Paulina Maslanka delivers a great performance here, as does the band. She certainly has the Goth look to go with the image, but she also has the vocal talent to deliver the music needed to take this band to the top. The band chooses to let the music do the talking in their live performance, with little movement and emotion, except for the new keyboard player, Cube, who chooses to let his movements and gestures run wild with the music. The band is flawless in their quest to show the world what their music is made of, and of all the Goth bands out there doing their thing right now, I'd have to put Delight up there as one of the more powerful bands, despite the apparent lack of power in the band name.

The DVD itself is rich with video, filmed in their native Poland, with a Polish crowd that remains almost quiet throughout the show. The DVD quality itself is excellent, with rich and vibrant colors coming alive on the television thanks to the brilliant light show that the band has brought with them. The audio format is Dolby Digital 5.1, and my receiver confirms this, with brilliant surround sound information, and stunning bass from my subwoofer. I have heard clearer sounds from 5.1 concerts, but for what this band does musically, the quality is top notch in its own right. The sheer power and beauty is what this band is all about, and the video / audio transfer brings them to life superbly.

The sad part about this DVD is not in the DVD performance itself, but lies within the title of the DVD. From what I've read and gathered between the lines of reviews and interviews, The Last Tale Of Eternity might mean the end of this style of music for the band. Apparently, they want to tone down the power of the guitars somewhat, so they aren't labeled as a power metal band, and they want to beef up the techno-keyboards a bit to make the sound more "electronic." Given the money and success in techno / dance music, it probably isn't a bad thing for the band to do, but for fans of the current band sound and flavor, this could spell tragedy. If this is true, then purchase of this DVD is mandatory if you want to hear and see what "could have been", in the world of Goth Metal at its best. Aside from that, if you are a Delight fan, this is also a must purchase to see and hear Delight doing what they do best.

The Hand / The Fading Tale / Spring Day / Last Temptation / Carving the Way / Stained Glass / Whale's Lungs / Backwards / Nymphea / The Sun / Sombre Wine / Careless Whisper / Wieczny Final / I Promise

Special Features: Metalmania 2003 (4 tracks: The Hand, Spring Day, The Fading Tale, Stained Glass) / 2 Video Clips (Carving The Way, Stained Glass) / 4 Bonus audio tracks (My Girlfriend's Girlfriend [Type O Negative cover], Wasting Love [Iron Maiden cover], Forgive Me, Od Nowa) / Biography / Interview with Paula / Photo & Art Gallery / Desktop Images / Weblinks

Paulina Maslanka ? vocals
Jarek Baran - guitar
Sebastian Wojtowicz - rhythm guitar
Jakub 'Cube' Kubica - keyboards
Piotr Szymanski - bass
Piotr Wojcik ? drums

Last Temptation (2000)
The Fading Tale (2001)
Eternity (2002)

The Last Tale Of Eternity (DVD) (2003)

Genre: Other

Origin PL

Added: February 23rd 2004
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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