Mythologic - Standing In Stillness

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Independent
Catalog Number: PMM 0600
Format: CD
Total Time: 40:56:00

If you are a progressive rock or metal fan, you have certainly heard the name Chris Rodler. If you haven't heard that name, then you surely have heard of the bands Leger De Main, Gratto, Andeavor. These are some of the more obscure names in prog rock and metal, but not without recognition from the true fans of the genre. The members of the mentioned bands have pooled their resources, combined their incredible skills and have come up with the project known as Mythologic. Melissa Rodler (Leger de Main) was recruited to fill the vocal slot, and Standing In Stillness was created.

After one listen of Standing In Stillness, it's easy to hear the influences of Rush and Fates Warning, plus the complexity of Leger de Main, without losing the melodic feeling that Rodler always injects into his music. Dramatic, theatrical, complex and melodic are some of the words I use to describe Mythologic. The sound is led by dual guitars, including acoustic guitars, in a frantic yet precise pace. Try to imagine what the sound would be if Alex Lifeson (Rush) were to meet up with Jim Matheos (Fates Warning) and just started throwing out guitar chords at each other. All the while, an acoustic guitar shows up in the mix, very few solo passages, and you pretty much have the guitar sound that drives Mythologic. The drumming is also very much akin to what Neil Peart might be doing with Rush these days, as drummer Brett Rodler clearly has studied that art on more than one occasion. Still, take some of the base sound structures of Leger de Main, Andeavor, and throw in a little Rush-based melody, and you now have what the complete picture looks like.

Knowing that he had something special to offer here, Chris Rodler recruited Leger de Main vocalist Melissa Rodler to once again pick up a mike and lead the way. A gutsy, smart, insightful move if you ask me. Prog heads are probably cringing at the thought of a female vocalist fronting a band that resembles Rush or Fates Warning, but after hearing Melissa croon the opening notes of the short intro called "Magic To Breathe," it's all but said and done once you hear her voice. Amidst the vast array of maddening guitar work that surrounds her, she handles the vocal parts easily and in a commanding fashion. The guitars never outshine her, or overpower her, and her harmony work fits in superbly and surprisingly considering the style of the music.

The production was handled by John Trevethan, who has worked with Peter Collins and Glen Rosenstein on discs by Echolyn, Queensryche, and others. The sound itself is clearly planted in the Fates Warning camp of sound. A warm, lush, but very "dry" and natural sound is presented here. No fancy reverbs, echoes, or processing found anywhere on the disc; just the natural sounds of the instruments and voice. This is a true test of the musicians and the producer when the sound is left alone and Mythologic comes through with shining colors in every aspect. From the acoustic guitar plucking, to the subtle tapping of the high hat or cymbals, every nuance is captured and can be easily heard by the naked ear. Melissa's voice is presented way up in the front of the mix, another aggressive move from a progressive rock band, and again the gamble has paid off. The bass is tight and precise, while the drums are rich and full of depth and brightness and not overbearing at all. This all adds up to a near perfect sound.

Mythologic has created a wonderful progressive rock / metal disc here that any fan of Rush or Fates Warning would be very appreciative of. The fact that I keep mentioning those bands is a compliment to the performance and musical skill of the band. This is quality music, and fans of this type of progressive music need to hear this disc at all costs. Amidst the many choices of progressive music to choose from these days, Mythologic should definitely be on your list to check out.

Magic To Breathe / In Solitude / Standing in Stillness / Battled Beliefs / A Dim Too Dark / Flash of Red / Truth Undiscovered

Steve Matusik - guitars
Melissa Rodler - vocals
Chris Rodler - guitars
Brett Rodler - drums

Standing In Stillness (2003)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: March 7th 2004
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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