Threshold - Critical Energy (DVD)

Year of Release: 2004
Label: InsideOut Music
Catalog Number: IOMDVD007/SPV 554-60537
Format: DVD
Total Time: 00:00:00

After Threshold literally owned ProgPower 2002 in Atlanta, it was evident that they needed to release a DVD soon to capture the energy displayed at that show. There were many a Threshold fan from the USA before they stepped foot on our soil, but after that show, Threshold became a household name. With two great discs behind them, Hypothetical and Critical Mass, Threshold has now released a DVD called Critical Energy. Most of the material comes from the mentioned discs, with a few favorite oldies thrown in not only for nostalgia, but to show that vocalist Mac can pull off any Threshold tune with ease, and that he has become the voice of Threshold.

The DVD concert contains 18 songs, mostly from Hypothetical and Critical Mass, with a couple from the first few Threshold discs. Mac and company easily plow through the songs with ease, and the band does stay with the song formulas pretty much note for note with Mac easily handling all notes high and low with ease and enthusiasm. I believe that the highlight of the DVD and their appearance at ProgPower 2002 is the vocal performance of Andrew "Mac" McDermott. He has become the voice of Threshold, and has displayed pure power and energy that drives the rest of Threshold during their shows. He does not crack, falter or compensate for any high notes and at the end of 15 songs or more, you can still find him belting out the notes with ease and the same amount of energy as when he started the show.

This DVD comes in two versions; by itself, and as a set along with the 2-CD set of the same show. I was so excited to find out that they released the DVD; I immediately ordered the European PAL version of the DVD, unable to wait for the NTSC release of the DVD slated for March 2004 sometime. As with any Threshold release, the audio quality on the DVD is as pristine and polished as on any Threshold CD. Audio options are Stereo / 5.1 Surround Sound. As with some other 5.1 surround sound concerts that either gives less quality to the rear channels or no signal at all, Threshold makes sure that you receive awesome quality for your rear channels. On my system, the sound radiated around the room while the center channel maintained the focus of the show itself. Bass was deep, loud and more than adequate coming from my subwoofer. The video quality is excellent as well, equaling the brilliance of the audio which makes for happy sights and sounds galore. The DVD shoot itself appears edited, and not in a "live" mode as some bands do, giving a "film-like" performance rather than a "live," unedited shoot.

My only complaint with the DVD is with the choice of the actual venue itself. For some reason, Threshold chose to shoot this concert in a small club in Zoetermeer (Holland), and with a generally quiet audience. I can understand wanting the intimacy of a smaller club to connect the band with the audience, but the overall quietness of the crowd seems to take away from the energy of the band at times. Mac does his best to try to get the crowd going at different intervals, but the crowd stays pretty quiet most of the time. My personal choice would have been filming before an audience like ProgPower USA, which really captured the crowd energy, which ignited the band even more. In addition, there are three bonus tracks from ProgPower USA, but the audio / video quality is nowhere near as good as the DVD shoot.

Overall, if you are a Threshold fan, this will be a must purchase. Whether or not you buy the 2-CD set with it, or stand-alone DVD, Threshold once again proves that they are a force to reckon with, and one of the premier metal bands of our time.

Phenomenon / Oceanbound / Choices / Angels / Falling Away / Virtual Isolation / Innocent / Long Way Home / Fragmentation / Clear / Life Flow / Narcissus / Sunseeker / The Latent Gene / Light and Space / Sunrise on Mars / Paradox / Sanity's End

Mac - vocals
Karl Groom - guitars
Nick Midson - guitars
Steve Anderson - bass
Richard West - keyboards
Johanne James - drums

Wounded Land (1993)
Psychedelicatessen (1994)
Livedelica (1995)
Extinct Instinct (1997)
Clone (1998)
Decadent (1999)
Hypothetical (2001)
Wounded Land: Special Edition (2001/2002)
Psychedelicatessen/Livedelica: Special Edition (2001/2002)
Concert In Paris (2002)
Critical Mass (2002)
Wireless - Acoustic Sessions (2003)
Critical Energy (2004)
Extinct Instinct: Special Edition (2004)
Subsurface (2004)
Replica (2004)
Surface to Stage (2006)
Dead Reckoning (2007)
The Ravages Of Time (2007)
Paradox - The Singles Collection (2009)
March Of Progress (2012)
For The Journey (2014)
European Journey (2015)
Legends Of The Shires (2017)
Two-Zero-One-Seven (2018)

Critical Energy (2004) (DVD)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin UK

Added: March 7th 2004
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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