Drop - Summer Sessions

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Flipped Disc
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 28:11:00

Drop is very talented band that plays a variety of music including hip-hop, rap, jazz and reggae. Their five-track EP Summer Sessions proves that they are talented musicians and they have my respect for that. However, some of my respect went out the window once I heard all of the unnecessary trash talking in their hip-hop/rap tracks. It all became more interesting from a musical standpoint as things moved along because they add more elements and styles from different genres while each song develops, which was interesting. I understand that music like this speaks to the streets and the cultures found there, it is just too bad that the lyrics had to put a damper on the experience for me. Hey, I am not saint, believe me; I guess I am more sensitive to what comes out of my speakers because I have young children around, when I am in my car alone I could care less. I do understand the reason why and what they are doing lyrically in regards to that particular style of music though. I guess it is not so bad, the Beatles sang, "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" (ironic that Lennon did the lead vocal on that track) many years ago, so what is so different about what these guys are doing except that we are in 2004 instead of 1968, big difference.

I would not let my thoughts and opinions take away from the fact that they this band does have a lot to offer the listener, particular those interested in hearing a literal melting pot of music. Their name and the cover of the CD are very appropriate; both evoke thoughts of dropping right into the streets of any city in the U.S. while listening to their music. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on what part of the city you are in and what your taste in music is (just watch which street you go down). The only way you are going to find out is if you give this CD a chance, I did and I am glad that I was open to their creative process, which was different. There are several aspects of their approach and style that I could appreciate and I am sure there is plenty for everyone to dig into on this CD. If you dig modern day fusion of any kind, you will love this CD.

Damn I Shoulda Known (5:51) / Harry Pitts (4:51) / Stripe (6:11) / To Chick (6:40) / Throwin' Down (5:18)

Matt Clark - guitar, vocals
Adam Gold - keyboard, synth
Andrew Laubacher - drums
Doctor Op - upright bass

Summer Sessions (2004)

Genre: Various Genres

Origin US

Added: March 22nd 2004
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.dropstuff.net
Hits: 976
Language: english


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