Tomorrow's Eve - Mirror Of Creation

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Source of Deluge Records
Catalog Number: SOD-109
Format: CD
Total Time: 70:22:00

"The experiment is top secret. Mistakes are impossible. In separated labours artificial insemination is used to rise embryos whose genes are manipulated. To be able to monitor the strength, intelligence and perfection of these children an own world was created for them to live in, far away from reality. They don't know anything else. They are all equal."

If you catch the drift of the above excerpt taken from the band's web site, you know that this is another progressive metal concept disc. Has it been done before? Absolutely, and it will continue to happen I'm sure. Is it well done? Absolutely, and that's the key to being successful or at least accepted in the finicky world of progressive metal fans.

Tomorrow's Eve is a progressive metal band that has influences rooted in bands such as Vanden Plas, Anguish, and Dream Theater. Furthermore, if you know the German band Anguish and like their style, you are sure to like Tomorrow's Eve. Both have that melodic, progressive metal styles that are heavy on the keyboards, but both include singers who sound firmly rooted in the melodic rock style. (Meaning) No high pitched, aggressive or powerful singers here, just singers who are mid-ranged, flow with the music, and fit what they do very well. To these ears, the singers "sound" like they would do well in a melodic rock band, as the music sometimes overpowers their voice, but once you get past that finicky illusion, you come to the conclusion that Tomorrow's Eve is one hell of a prog metal band.

Crunching guitars lead the way, accompanied by melodic and beautiful keyboard passages, solid drumming, and flowing vocals. This time out, the band is here to tell a story, and that they do. Surrounding that story is compelling music that beckons you to return time and time again to fully appreciate what the band is all about. In it's most simplistic form, Tomorrow's Eve is a less aggressive version of Vanden Plas, yet manage to keep the most progressive metal fan interested in the music, and the story, without overdoing it. Notwithstanding the obvious chops that this band brings with them, they also bring to the table outstanding writing ? capable of pulling in songs that average out near the 10:00 mark. As a matter of fact, 5 of those songs clock in over 8:00 each. The band never loses the listener during those times, as their skill level is such that you can't help but want to hear what they have in mind with each song. Of course, there are the obligatory time changes, tempo changes, and some solos and passages that wander off at times, but what prog band doesn't?

The disc has a huge, boomy sound thanks to the wonderful production. The standout points are certainly the vocals and the drums, followed by the vocals. The singer, Rouven Bitz, sings loud and clear with no accent to be found for a German singer. His voice is mid-range, a bit gruff (I equate this to a Bon Jovi sound and style) and stands out superbly against the heavy background of the music. The drums ring out loud and boomy, while the keyboards just flow with the rest of the music, adding an enchanting beauty to the music. There was a slight echo in my subwoofer due to the over-exaggerated bass sound, but that was easily fixable and did not hinder the enjoyment whatsoever.

Progressive metal fans usually call this style "traditional" prog metal, and I will have to agree here. However, some bands just can't pull it off or tend to release a mediocre disc without any excitement lodged inside it. Tomorrow's Eve handles this superbly, and definitely establishes itself as a serious contender. Anyone into German cousin acts like Vanden Plas, Anguish, and others of this type will welcome this disc into their collection with open arms. The warm, melodic approach to Mirror Of Creation is a sure winner for fans who are lovers of this style of progressive metal.

Prof. Brandon (1:00) / Optimization (8:04) / Cold Silence (0:57) / If Eyes Turn Blind (09:23) / Lost (10:27) / Live Your Dream (8:56) / Next Chapter (0:32) / New Orders (8:11) / Crazed Gunman (7:08) / Mirror Of Creation (2:52) / Too Many Lies (2:08) / Point Of No Return (9:28) / Tomorrow? (1:12)

Oliver Schwickert - keyboards
Rainer Grund - guitars
Oliver Jungman - drums
Rene Muller - bass
Rouven M. Bitz - vocals

The Unexpected World (2000)
Mirror Of Creation (2003)
Mirror Of Creation II - Genesis 2 (2006)
The Tower (ep) (2007)
Tales From Serpentia (2008)
Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros (2018)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin DE

Added: May 2nd 2004
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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