7 Days - Weight Of The World

Year of Release: 2006
Label: Rivel Records
Catalog Number: RRCD28
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

A journey of faith and the pursuit of redemption are intensely personal, and each individual must face them in their own way in their own time. The Swedish melodic metal band 7 Days has captured those beautiful and often painful steps towards inner peace with a collection of songs that showcase the band's beliefs and their ability to write and play with talent and conviction equal to the subject. The end result is Weight Of The World, a symphonic, progressive classic that draws you into their world of optimism and hope while maintaining its metallic edge.

Guitarist Markus Sigfridsson has gathered a talented and well-known group of musicians for this project, and their pedigree shows in the final product. Markus shows excellent chops while handling both guitar and keyboard duties and displays a unique ability to balance a metal sound with his symphonic arrangements. His riffing and soloing are, as a point of reference, slightly similar to fellow Swedes Torben Enevoldsen and Magnus Karlsson, but he has his own flow and his own technique. To accompany his impressive compositions, he selected Thomas Vikstrom to bring the lyrics to life with his emotional and crystal clear delivery. His dynamic vocal and emotional ranges are on full display here. On bass, Andreas Olsson lends his expertise and impressive bottom end to the production. His long standing work with Veni Domine makes him an ideal choice for this music and subject matter. Rounding out the band is Danny Flores on drums and assistance with the recording and engineering. He is well-versed and highly respected in the prog community and is involved with numerous projects and bands. Using his stick skills and his professional ear can and does enhance anyone's music.

This music can best be described as melodic progressive with symphonic touches. The opener, "Redeemer," is fairly indicative of the whole album as the upbeat riffage and Vikstrom's soaring vocals tell a tale of someone looking to make a new start in life and searching for a savior to guide the journey. There are some slight doom elements in the next two songs, "Confession" and "The Darkest Winter" as the tempo is slowed down with some ominously deep riffing. The highlight of the album is "Fall Again," an absolutely massive symphonic tune that features alternating male/female vocals and showcases the band's versatility. They close out the album with a Veni Domine cover, "Wisdom Calls." This arrangement is brighter and deeper while maintaining faithfulness to the original.

Weight Of The World is a first class album for any fan of melodic metal. They have managed to incorporate many styles of music into a cohesive and total package to deliver their message of faith and hope. While many bands will try to pound their Christian beliefs into the listener, 7 Days displays tremendous restraint as they lift spirits without being preachy. This album is an incredibly positive and uplifting listening experience and is not to be missed. Their combination of musicianship, songwriting and pure class make this one of the best albums of 2006.

Redeemer / Confession / The Darkest Winter / Fall Again / Where Are You? / The Weight Of The World / Save Me / With You Forever / Wisdom Calls

Markus Sigfridsson - guitar, keys
Thomas Vikstrom - vocals
Andreas Olsson - bass
Daniel Flores - drums
Caroline Sigfridsson - guest vocals

Weight Of The World (2006)

Genre: Melodic Metal

Origin SE

Added: January 22nd 2007
Reviewer: Scott Pierce
Artist website: www.7-days.se
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Language: english


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