Hidria Spacefolk - Symbiosis

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Silence
Catalog Number: SLC-009
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:25:00

Blending Middle Eastern motifs with driving backbeats, steady doses of guitar, keyboards and flute lead you on a musical journey. Throughout you will find other interesting sounds such as what sounds to be a jaw harp, xylophone, and sequenced keyboard sounds. Symbiosis is an all-instrumental offering that keeps the listener's attention. This is not the meandering keyboard excursions of old, but solid rock instrumentals with jam band mentality. As I listen to the songs develop, they usually stay focused on a particular musical idea, and get expanded upon by the lead instrument or instruments.

Who is listening to Hidria Spacefolk? I can say for almost certain that no one has heard them on the radio. What motivates a band to record this type of music these days? I just wonder about these things as I listen to the band. I guess it is easy to draw comparisons to the Ozrics, so I will since I don't have another reference point. Though it may have the feel of a jam band, there are definite melodies, often played in unison, yet the music sounds as if it could really open up and translate well in a live setting. Symbiosis is a very enjoyable CD, and I look forward to seeing the band at NEARfest 04.

Terra Hidria I (7:03) Terra Hidria II (1:39) Kaneh Bosm (5:12) Kaikados (6:17) Nasha Universo (5:15) Jahwarp (5:47) Agents Entropos (3:12) J-Mantra (5:14) Pangaia (11:41)

Mikko Happo ? guitar
Smi Virkkala ? guitar, synthesizer
Kimmo Dammert ? bass
Janne Lounatvuori ? keyboards
Teemu Kilponen ? drums
Matti Lehikoinen - percussion

Hidria Spacefolk (2001)
Symbiosis (2002)

Genre: Psychedelic/Space Rock

Origin FI

Added: June 7th 2004
Reviewer: Eric Porter

Artist website: www.hidriaspacefolk.st
Hits: 699
Language: english


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