Electric Prunes - California

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Prune Twang
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 52:19:00

How could the revitalized and reborn Electric Prunes possibly top their unlikely comeback album Artifact (2002)? You know, the one they recorded after being apart for 30 years? Well, now you know, in case you already didn't. If you missed that album get it, and by the way, pick up their latest effort California while you're at it, its just as good if not better than the last outing. They have found their sea legs again and are sailing on smooth waters once again, traveling straight ahead. Yup, prune twang is back in full bloom ready for you're consumption. The Electric Prunes are Mark Tulin, James Lowe, Ken Williams, Joe Dooley and Mark Moulin.

I think it's obvious-there are few bands that can pull off what they did two years ago, never mind come back a few short years later and do it again, and even better. You have the "period" artwork to set the mood before you give this CD a spin. The guitars that are transformed into prunes for just the right twang, with crackling voltage all around them seemingly bursting right out at you from inside the picture, which makes it a unique and very prune twang experience (a secret language only understood by a few). Artwork is very important, particularly with rock-garage-psychedelic music like this. Anyone that is familiar with 60's culture and what it was like back then will tell you, this band is spot on in every aspect. Their DVD Rewired gave you a good idea that their abilities performing live have not diminished, and the track "Rewired" reminds you of from whence they came ? they are here to stay, rewired and ready to go!

"Pacific Ocean Blue" is my favorite tune lyrically and musically. Lowe sings about all the answers you ever wanted are found in a Brian Wilson song; brilliant. There is no doubt in my mind, this is blues-rock-garage soaked twang is at its best on this recording. I cannot think of one band that plays this type of music better, and you know why? Because there is only one Electric Prunes, just like there is only one Beatles or Rolling Stones, they stand alone as true rock granddads without anyone around that can hold a candle to them.

"Running With Scissors," don't try this at home, is a great tune full of zingers and one-liners that stop your brain waves and make you think for a minute. It's a given that the music is always good, correction, great. "I'll Drag You Home" was another track that I could not get enough of, tongue in cheek humor with great guitar licks, umm twang I should say. Peter Lewis (Moby Grape) was on hand in the studio to make this a special event for the boys, he is a good friend of the band and his guest appearance only adds to the mix more guitar wizardry. In fact, "49 Songs" is about a situation with Peter. A young lad asked him how to play the guitar, he then told him to go learn 49 songs. There is more to the story than that, but that is the premise of the song. Lewis proves to be indispensable on lead guitar on this recording; his experience and talent surely serve as one of many sources of energy and inspiration for the full time band members. Check out "The Rickenbacker 12 String," which features Lewis, it is an amazing piece of work.

These guys are so humble that they listed only the guest musicians in the credits, how about that? I think they deserve all the credit possible for being such a great band and wonderful group of individuals. Quality people and quality music, it goes together well. Make sure you get some prune twang and catch them on their Undone tour this year. This is a Limited Edition so grab one while they last, they are bound to disappear quickly.

Sideshow Charade (3:39) / 49 Songs (3:44) / I Never Knew What You Wanted (3:36) / Makin' Some Noise (3:07) / Pacific Ocean Blue (4:56) / I'll Drag You Home (2:40) / Rosy Made Me Crazy (3:52) / Transient Absolution (3:55) / Tidal Wave (4:47) / Rewired (3:49) / Running With Scissors (4:32) / The Rickenbacker 12 String (6:40) / Cinema Verité (7:22) / Hidden Track

Mark Tulin - bass
James Lowe - lead vocals
Ken Williams - guitar
Joe Dooley - drums
Mark Moulin - guitar, vocals

The Electric Prunes (1967)
Underground (1967)
Mass In F Minor (1968)
Release Of An Oath (1968)*
Just Good Old Rock And Roll (1969)
Long Day's Flight (1986)
Stockholm 1967 (1997)
Lost Dreams (2001)
Artifact (2001)
The Electric Prunes (I Had Too Much To Dream) (1967/?) (combines first two on one album)
California (2004)

Rewired - Live In Concert (2003) (DVD)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: June 23rd 2004
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.electricprunes.net
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Language: english


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