Judas Priest - Metalogy

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Columbia/Legacy
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

The ultimate Judas Priest set has arrived! Metalogy is a tribute to the Gods of Metal and one of the forefathers of metal sub genres, covering every aspect of their career on four incredible CDs, totaling 65 tracks and a bonus DVD of a live performance in Memphis in 1982. There is more than enough hard rockin' metal to satisfy any metal head's appetite on this set. Their lyrics were dark and rebellious but you knew it was all an act for a stage show played out in their music, and what the hell, its only rock 'n' roll right?

There is no question that Rob Halford is one of the most recognizable and enjoyable vocalists in rock music, although Ripper Owens did a fine job for a few years filling in his spot while Halford was away making outstanding solo albums. There is only one Halford, and never is it more apparent after listening to this career spanning set. It is interesting, you never hear Judas Priest mentioned in the same breath as some of their contemporaries (i.e. Black Sabbath etc.), yet they were key factors in making heavy metal acceptable on a worldwide level.

Some of their songs have elements of the classic rock sound, which is the one thing that made them so appealing to a larger listening audience, although they maintained their heavy metal image by keeping their foundation of metal intact at all times. This approach and style enabled them to have great success for many years, and one that continues to this day. With the return of Halford to the band and the release of this boxed set, which was perfectly timed, their popularity will surely continue to grow.

Sixty-Five tracks is a lot of music and you would think that you may find yourself bored while listening, trust me, it will not happen. This is some of the most energetic and hard rocking music you will ever have the pleasure to listen to, I promise. Longtime fans of the band will surely gobble up this boxed set. I am sure any rock music fan that purchases this set will feel compelled to grab all the remastered albums available as well (I am). Remastering tracks before putting out such a comprehensive boxed set is very important to the overall success to a project such as this. It paid off, as the tracks sound crisp, clean and clear. Even on a simple car stereo, this music sounds wonderful. There is the expected addition of live and unreleased tracks that you would find on a career spanning boxed set, which always adds a little more spice to the pot.

I never experienced the early years of the band (but plan to with all the remasters). I missed the 70s entirely, my start was with Screaming For Vengeance and I never looked back, now I am sorry that I didn't because I enjoyed the early recordings just as much as the releases in every decade thereafter.

Think you have heard the ultimate metal boxed set of British Steel? Wait until you hear Metalogy, it will make you rethink your position. Judas Priest is more relevant than ever and they are back again "Screaming For Vegenance" ready to stake their claim as one of the reigning kings of metal.

Disc One: Never Satisfied (4:52) / Deceiver (2:44) / Tyrant (4:39) / Victim Of Changes (Live) (7:11) / Diamonds & Rust (Live)** (3:28) / Starbreaker (Live)** (7:19) / Sinner (6:40) / Let Us Prey (6:12) / Dissident Aggressor (3:02) / Exciter (5:33) / Beyond The Realms Of Death (6:51) / Better By You Better Than Me (5:19) / Invader (4:10) / Stained Class (5:12) / The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (Live)* (4:42)

Disc Two: Killing Machine (3:02) / Evening Star (4:06) / Take On The World (3:03) / Delivering The Goods (4:16) / Evil Fantasies (4:13) / Hell Bent For Leather (2:40) / Breaking The Law (Live)** (2:45) / Living After Midnight (3:30) / Rapid Fire (4:00) / Metal Gods (4:04) / Grinder (Live)* (4:21) / The Rage (4:44) / Heading Out To The Highway (3:45) / Hot Rockin' (Live)** (3:28) / Trouble Shooter (3:47) / Solar Angels / Desert Plains (4:36) / Hellion (Live)** / Electric Eye (Live)** 4:17 / Screaming For Vengeance (4:43)

Disc Three: Riding On The Wind (3:07) / Bloodstone (3:52) / You've Got Another Thing Comin' (5:09) / Devil's Child (4:48) / Freewheel Burning (4:42) / Jawbreaker (3:25) / The Sentinel (5:24) / Love Bites (Live)* (5:37) / Eat Me Alive (3:31) / Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (4:05) / Rock Hard Ride Free (5:00) / Night Comes Down (4:00) / Turbo Lover / Private Property (4:29) / Parental Guidance (3:35) / Out In The Cold (6:27) / Heart Of A Lion (demo)* (3:53)

Disc Four: Ram It Down (4:48) / Heavy Metal (5:58) / Come & Get It (4:05) / Blood Red Skies (7:05) / Painkiller (6:06) / Between The Hammer & The Anvil (4:48) / Touch Of Evil (5:54) / Metal Meltdown (4:47) / Nightcrawler (5:44) / All Guns Blazing (3:57) / Jugulator (5:50) / Bloodstains (5:26) / Machine Man (5:15) / Feed On Me (5:28)

Plus full length DVD of Memphis Live 1982

Simon Phillips - drums
Les Binks - drums
Chris Campbell - drums
K.K. Downing - guitar
Rob Halford - vocals
Ian Hill - bass
John Hinch - drums
Dave Holland - drums
Alan Moore - drums
Glenn Tipton - guitar
Scott Travis - drums
Alan Atkins - vocals
Tim 'Ripper' Owens - vocals
John Ellis - drums

Rocka Rolla (1974/2000)
Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976)
Sin After Sin (1977/2001*)
Stained Class (1978/ 2001*)
The Best Of Judas Priest (1978)
Killing Machine (1978)
Hell Bent For Leather (1979/2001*)
Unleashed In The East (Live In Japan) (1979/ 2001*)
British Steel (1980)
Box Set (1980)
Point Of Entry (1981)
Screaming For Vengeance (1982)
Greatest Original Hits (1983)
Love Bites (1984)
Defenders Of The Faith (1984)
Turbo (1986/2002*)
Priest...Live! (1987)
Ram It Down (1988/2002*)
Painkiller (1990)
Metal Works '73 - '93 (1993)
Prisoners Of Pain (1996)
Jugulator (1997)
98 Live Meltdown (1998)
Tyrant: The Original Masters (1998)
The Best Of Judas Priest: Living After Midnight (1998)
Genocide (2000)
Demolition (2001)
Judas Priest Collectors' Box (2002)
Live In London (2003)
Metalogy (2004)
Angel Of Retribution (2005)
The Essential Judas Priest (2006)
Nostradamus (2008)
A Touch Of Evil: Live (2009)
Single Cuts (2011)
The Chosen Few (2011)
Redeemer Of Souls (2014)
Battle Cry (2016)

Live (VHS) (1983/1991)
Fuel For Life (VHS) (1986/1991)
Priest...Live! (VHS) (1987)
Metal Works '73-'93 (VHS) (1993)
British Steel (VHS/DVD) (2001)
Live In London (VHS/DVD) (2002)
Electric Eye (DVD) (2003)
Rising In The East (VHS/DVD) (2005)
Live Vengeance '82 (DVD) (2006)
Music In Review (DVD) (2008)
Epitaph (DVD/BR) (2013)
Battle Cry (DVD/BR) (2016)

Genre: Traditional Metal

Origin UK

Added: June 23rd 2004
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.judaspriest.com
Hits: 2011
Language: english


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