Pilgrym - Pilgrimmage

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Holyground Records
Catalog Number: HDYCD04
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

The pet project of Andy Wells and Tony Drake is a real winner. The music has roots in the soil of classic progressive rock, but has modern leanings as well. Pilgrimage sounds like Genesis and Pink Floyd in some spots. It sounds like Spock's Beard, Flower Kings, and KnightArea in others.

Pilgrimage mostly lingers around in a relaxed fit, but there are moments taught attire is tried out. During these flamboyant episodes, the buttons strain to keep everything from spilling out. When this happens, the music almost bulges at the seams. It isn't long before the music changes back into a comfortable jumpsuit. These passages keep the music fresh. Just when the music appears to tire, along comes its second wind.

"Circus Of The Absurd" starts the album. It sounds like Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's "Karnevil." This is no coincidence. They go so far as to tip their hats off to the golden oldie when they sing the line, "Welcome to the show." The way Andy plays the keyboards you'd think Keith Emerson was sitting in on the recordings. To top it off, the sequence towards the end sounds like Rocky's swan song "Gonna Fly Now."

"Ghosts Of Years" is the missing ballad from Spock's Beard The Light. There are definitely moments from Neal Morse's early songwriting days. Neal should check his vault to see if something has disappeared from the archives.

Mike & The Mechanics surfaces in "Believe Me Now." It sounds like the commercial hit "All I Need Is A Miracle." The bridge in the middle is just about the only aspect that differs.

"Building A Perfect Universe Part 1" is a delicious smoothie with all sorts of progressive fruits and berries. One moment it is classic Genesis, the next it is Spock's Beard or The Flower Kings. To top it off, there are waves of instrumentals that sound very much like Knight Area's Sun Also Rises.

"Building A Perfect Universe Part 2" is mostly instrumental. Ryo Okomoto meets Keith Emerson in an old-fashioned duel. There is a splash of Al Morse's squealing guitar thrown in for good measure.

"Song Of The Albatross" keeps itself airborne in a long and enduring flight.

"Black Sun" is the last of the showpieces. It is also the most sinister song on the album. It is an eclipse on a summer day. Ambient light fills the sky. In the twilight, evil lurks in the shadows.

As a bonus, there is a great live track called "Reborn" and that's not all. If you order now, they throw in an edited version of the opening track, "Circus Of The Absurd." Nothing is new here, but it is interesting to receive a visit from the song's trim twin.

This album will most certainly appeal to many different kinds of progressive rock fans. Will they like it from start to finish? That is hard to say, but there is definitely something here for everyone.

Also released by Record Heaven/Transsubstans (TRANSUBS 02)

Circus Of The Absurd / Ghosts Of Years / Believe Me Now / Building A Perfect / Universe [Part 1] / Building A Perfect Universe [Part 2] / Song Of The Albatross / Black Sun / Reborn [Live] / Circus Of The Absurd [Edit]

Andy Wells - keyboards, guitars, vocals
Tony Drake - guitars and vocals
Kev Mulvihill - drums and percussion
Oliver Drake - guitars, bass and drums
Rob Jarvis - guitars and keyboards

Pilgrammage (2004)
EP (ep) (2007)
The Great Divide (tba)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: August 1st 2004
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
Artist website: www.pilgrym.co.uk/
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Language: english


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