Scarlet Thread - Psykedeelisiä Loutsenlauluja

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Mellow Records
Catalog Number: MMP 448
Format: CD
Total Time: 34:43:00

The very first acquaintance with this Finnish band dates back from their collaboration on the prestigious Kalevala project. Here on their debut with the incredibly difficult name, the band shows itself from its most acoustic folky side. It's mainly the sisters Eini and Anni Pesälä who on violin and flute respectively get most of the attention. The sound of the guitar ocassionally is distorted and repetitive as during "Süpirikon Lento." During the final track "Ajasta Ikuisuuteen," acoustic guitar passages alternate with electric outbursts in order to make the tension field a little broader. However, it all remains rather tame and melancholic, whilst I have constantly been thinking of the now defunct Elkar label, which specialized in progressive folk from the Basque region. Although the entire output here is displayed with lots of vigour, I still think that with a playing time of a little over half an hour this is way too short, bearing in mind that a good number of the arrangements contain repetitive segments that could've been explored much better. Way in the distance I hear snippets of a tame Zello, symphonic Hedningarna and a contemporary Gryphon, however the real statement of the band is not (yet) delivered. For sure there's a great potential imminent in this band, but to make it all work the addition of an external producer might not be such a bad idea!

VÜSauden Alku (4:29) / Joutsenten Kaihoisa Laulu (6:27) / SÜPirikon Lento (3:50) / Vapahtaja (5:06) / PimeÄStÄ Pohjolasta (5:01) / Johdatus (1:50) / Ajasta Ikuisuuteen (8:03)

Jani Timoniemi - guitar, bass
Eini Pesälä - violin
Anni Pesälä - flute
Panu Koskela - drums

Psykedeelisiä Loutsenlauluja (2004)

Genre: Progressive Folk

Origin FI

Added: August 1st 2004
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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