Clockwork - Search

Year of Release: 1997
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 24:04:00

What's worse, getting in demos that really are bad, or getting in demos that make you want the band to release a disc like tomorrow?? This is what happened to me with 2 bands recently, Chaos Theory and this band...

I've had this thing in my head now for the past 2 hours, probably due to the fact that I have the CD player on continuous play ... ;o) Here's whats up with this band:


I hate when I can't come up with a band right off the top of my head to give you an idea of what they sound like, but then, thats a good thing because you know originality has something to do with it ... :O) I'd have to say that this band is a combination of "pure," melodic progressive metal, that sometimes diverts to a slight prog rock sound, for lack of a better description ... in other words, when they crank, its definitely prog metal, but when they back off, it reminds me of some prog rock sounds ... Overall, this is one of those talented bands that gives you 5 songs within a song, which I have always loved in proggy bands ... you get so much more enjoyment out of unpredictable songs like these, and it gives you a good idea of the talent level of this young band ... I understand their average age is around 19-22, although they sound like seasoned veterans ...


Excellent for a 4-track demo ... every instrument stands out clearly, expecially the vocals ... someone out there was smart enough to produce this thing the way a demo should be produced ... I have always been surprised at the bad sound of demos I have received that turned me off to a band instantly ... this demo is superbly produced...


I have read articles on this band that the singer can go either way for you ... in my opinion, he is very good, with a good range that he does not abuse ... he is one of those singers that has that uncanny ability to sing in three different tones at once, which always impressed me to no end ... he is very well suited to the music, and when he sings in his normal tone, he almost has a "regal" sound to his voice, as if he were singing in front of a King ... if that makes sense to you ...


There is no doubt that each member of this band is extremely talented and well schooled in their instruments ... there isn't a standout instrument that makes you take note, but the band is seemlessly merged into one smooth sound ... with each instrument complementing the other ... the keyboardist is used as a backdrop for the sound, with the guitarist and bass player holding down the melodies with ease ... its interesting, this is a demo where I can hear what the bass player is doing, someone thought that he should be heard, and there is some good solid, bottom end on this disc ... the drumming is impeccable, as drummers of this genre need to be ... drummers are crucial to this type of music, and Anthony Sciamanna sounds like he has been doing this all of his life (and probably has) ...


Overall, this disc seems to have something in it for everyone ... they have tons of progression, and this will appeal to "prog purists" easily... on the other hand, they are melodic enough not to overwhelm with technicality just for the sake of, and prog rock lovers should like this, because when they are not cranking it, they just quiet down a bit to give an impression that they are schooled in several genres of music, so everyone will get something out of this band ... Anthony Sciamanna has already said their CD release will be heavier, and more complex ... I'm drooling at the heavier part already, however, if this band can get more complex, that means that they haven't pulled out the big guns yet, and that can only mean one serious disc from these guys...

Highly recommended ... you should give this one a try ...

Painting Portraits (7:53) / A World Of Difference (5:54) / Eyes To The Sky (8:54) / For An Angel (2:03)

Anthony Sciamanna - drums, percussion, and circular saw blades [!!? -ed.]
Chris Pignatelli - lead and rhythm guitars, vocals, and keyboards
Tom Gammarino - lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars
Chris Pignone - bass guitar
Douglas Gillin - vocals

Search (ep) (1997)
Surface Tension (1999)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: July 25th 1999
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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