Nektar - Remember The Future

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Eclectic Discs/Dream Nebula Recordings
Catalog Number: DNECD 1204
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

Keith originally reviewed 4 Nektar titles in one omnibus review, they appear separately in the database -ed.

Folks unfamiliar with the band Nektar think they are from Germany. What actually transpired was the quartet of Englishmen met in Germany in 1969 and formed the band. Ron Howden (drums, percussion), Derek "Mo" Moore (bass, vocals), Alan "Taff" Freeman (keyboards, vocals) and Roye Albrighton (guitar, lead vocals) would become huge in Germany and nearly broke big the in the U.S.

Eclectic Discs/Dream Nebula Recordings have reissued the four critically acclaimed albums that defined the band's career. A Tab In The Ocean, Journey To The Center Of The Eye, Remember The Future (1973) and Recycled are lovingly remastered with detailed liner notes for former fans and the newly indoctrinated to enjoy. Their well-known masterpiece Remember The Future was appropriately chosen for the SACD format as well as Journey To The Center Of The Eye.

Their sound was a progressive-psychedelic mixture of rock that was far ahead of its time. For this listener this was a new wonderful listening experience. Prior to receiving these CDs, I had not heard any Nektar music besides a video of "Remember The Future" on a DVD compilation. I can understand now what all the talk has been about the band reforming and going on tour.

Roye Albrighton was the driving force of this band. His skilled guitar playing set the table for his fellow band mates. Each recording was outstanding and stands as a testament to their importance to the history of prog-rock music. What made this so interesting was how the label broke up each album into two parts respectively, the original recordings versus the newly remastered versions. You are now able to hear succinct differences between the two formats for the first time. Both versions are excellent and it was a treat to get the best of both worlds.

Any prog-rock listener will most certainly enjoy taking in this musical paradise in more than once, I listened to each CD four times myself and I know there will be many more spins of each CD down the road. I look forward to catching Nektar 2004 on the road this year to relive all of these great songs in a live setting. I never would have decided to see them in concert if it wasn't for this remastered series.

Remember The Future - Part One / Remember The Future - Part One / Bonus Tracks: Remember The Future (Made in Germany Edit) / Lonely Roads (Radio Promo only single edit) / Let It Grow (Radio Promo only single edit)

Ron Howden - drums, percussion
Derek 'Mo' Moore - bass, vocals
Alan 'Taff' Freeman - keyboards, vocals
Roye Albrighton - guitar, lead vocals

Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (1971/2004)
A Tab In The Ocean (1972/2004)
Sounds Like This
Remember The Future (1973/2004)
Sunday Night At London Roundhouse (1974)
Down To Earth (1974/2005)
Recycled (1975)
Magic Is A Child (1977/2005)
Live In New York (1977, rec. 1974)
More Live Nektar in New York (1978)
Thru The Ears
Man in the Moon (1980/2002*)
Prodigal Son (2001)
Sunday Night At London Roundhouse (expanded) (2002/2005)
Unidentified Flying Abstract - Live At Chipping Norton 1974 (2002)
Greatest Hits Live (2002)
Evolution (2004/2008)
Live In New York 1974 (2004)
Nektar 2004 Tour Live (2005)
Door To The Future (2005)
Sounds Like This (released but later withdrawn) (2006)
Book Of Days (2008)
Fortyfied (2009)
A Tab In The Ocean (Deluxe Edition) (2011)
Remember The Future (Deluxe Edition) (2011)
Retrospektive 1969-1980

Nektar Live (2002) (DVD)
Pure (2005)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: August 22nd 2004
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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