Kraan - Through

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Bassball Recordings
Catalog Number: 20032
Format: CD
Total Time: 48:40:00

With a name like Kraan, it's got to be good.

In truth, the music is exceptional. The musicians are polished and the production is quite clear. The music is special in the sense that every single note of every instrument is completely audible. The mix is evenly balanced without losing a single drop of energy. The engineers should take a bow. They give volume to the music and fill the space. As far as the musicians, there is always someone willing to go in for the drive. However, nobody hogs the court. The musicians are all-stars, but they work well as a team. The ball is kept in constant motion.

The players consist of Ingo Bischf on keyboards, Jon Fried on drums and percussion, and Hellmut Hattler on bass guitar. Peter Wolbrandt volunteers his services for a dual role. He plays the guitar and contributes a sparse amount of singing.

The music undulates like a coast on a breezy day. Boats ride upon the water's surface while waves splash upon the rocks. The trees sway in the wind. There is activity all around, but it would premature to pick out a name for the next hurricane. The music is cool and controlled. The sky is still blue. The waves can still be safely ridden. It is a hot summer day and it is great to be outside soaking up some rays.

The track listing consists of these creative cuts:

"Unser Lied" - Kraan kicks off the album with an effervescent instrumental. Drop the Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water and watch it fizz.

"Solemn Sundown" - Peter sings in a fashion that is a cross between David Bowie and Seal. The instrumentals can be compared to the progressive jazz from Sting. The bass erupts into the frothy foam of a bubble bath.

"Run Sonny Run" - This demonstrates how to take a catchy hook and continuously reprise it in many interesting ways. A bridge in the middle puts the controls on coast and let's the waves take us out to sea. There is enough fuel in the tank to take us back to shore at the end. The song is very accessible.

"Slomocean" - The anchor is dropped. It is time to lather on some oil and recline. The song is slow and subdued. It's an escape from the busier pieces.

"Soul Keeper" - This track picks up the beat. The drumming is extraordinary. The percussive elements are hard at work. The guitar and bass keep the music safely on a tether. It's partly a lounge act, but still manages to be the life of the party.

"Urlaubsmusik" - Using distorted guitars and whistling keyboards, this piece is pretty psychedelic. It qualifies as my second favorite song on the album.

"Now What (Arewegonnado)" - David Bowie is not listed as a guest musician, but you would think otherwise after hearing this tune. If Peter's impression in "Solemn Sundown" wasn't convincing enough, this one may have you totally tricked. Not to mention, this is probably the most singing done on the album.

"Moxx" - In my humble opinion, this is the best song on the album. It takes a clever jazz angle on classic disco and throws in bongos for good measure. Suffice to say, it's the most progressive cut on the album. Grab some bell bottoms and swing those hips under a glittering crystal ball.

"Through" - The bass line is straight from "A Guy Named Sid" off Spock's Beard's Feel Euphoria. Helmutt overdubs with plenty of terrific riffs. Tony Levin would be proud. Tony is known for taking something that sounds simple on the surface and making it special. The same can be said for Helmutt's style of playing. This is an excellent choice to close out the album.

Through delivers some rocking instrumentals. Like King Crimson, the vocals are never the main focus. The lyrics are secondary. The instrumentals passages are the vital organs that keep the music going. With trim muscle and a strong ticker, the doctor delivers a clean bill of health.

Unser Lied (4:32) / Solemn Sundown (6:24) / Run Sonny Run (5:34) / Slomocean (5:20) / Soul Keeper (6:16) / Urlaubsmusik (3:31) / Now What (Arewegonnado) (4:38) / Moxx (6:25) / Through (7:20)

Peter Wolbrandt - guitar, vocals
Ingo Bischof - keyboards
Jan Fride - drums, percussion
Hellmut Hattler - bass guitar

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Andy Nogger (1975)
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Tournee (1980)
Schallplatten (1983)
Nachfahrt (2000)
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Through (2003)
Psychedelic Man (2007)

Genre: Fusion-Jazz Fusion

Origin DE

Added: September 19th 2004
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
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Language: english


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