Carptree - Insekt

Year of Release: 2007
Label: Fosfor Creation
Catalog Number: CWNF4
Format: CD
Total Time: 65:15:00

Insekts, sometimes referred to as "bugs," have different effects on people. Some people hate them and want to exterminate them. Others consider them food and eat them. And there is a group that studies them, to learn from them. For insekts are very useful. Ok, before you start thinking you are on the wrong website, I'll end the biology lesson here ... at least most of it. I have just encountered a form of insekts that should appeal to people who are interested in music: the new album by the Swedish duo Carptree, Insekt.

Carptree really captured me with their 2005 release Man Made Machine, which had such a dark, mysterious and enchanting atmosphere. And I was pleasantly surprised to receive their new release, which on the initial spin, has that same atmosphere that I enjoy. But that does not mean that Insekt is just a continuation of Man Made Machine. No way! There are many differences between the previous album and Insekt. The music on Insekt is even more intense and the story Niclas Flinck and Carl Westholm have to tell is just as dark and depressing. But don't worry ... the album won't drive you to suicide. Yet it will make you ponder over many aspects of life and how to deal with them.

In my review of Man Made Machine, [found here] I mentioned the hope of seeing Carptree live and I just received a report that the band played at ROSfest. But there it became clear this is tough music to bring live. The music is very complex and has many layers that do require a certain amount of time to discover. Actually I found that the album grew more on me after each spin. And I favour this one over Man Made Machine, as I feel the songs all stand on their own. On Man Made Machine, along with the concept idea, several themes returned throughout the album. If it does so on this album, I missed it and that only adds to the beauty of this album then :-)

On Insekt, the guitars got a more prominent place in the arrangements, giving the overall sound a heavier edge, which is nice. But still Westholm's keyboard play stays the characteristic sound of Carptree. The line up on the album is similar to the previous release. I like the use of choir, especially as they use it only in selected songs, not fill all songs with it. Again the vocals of Flinck capture me. It is just a pleasure to listen to him sing. Intense, dramatic and at times soft and with hope in his tone, like in "Sliding Down A Slippery Slope," which has remarkablely positive lyrics and is sung in a different way than the more gloomy songs.

So far I have no favourite songs, as I love all tracks equally. I also fear I am writing this review too soon, as I can only think that the album has not yet revealed all it's beauty and secrets to me. I probably should review this album after having played it several months :-) But one thing is clear to me: I love this album very much and the longer I listen to it, the more I will enjoy it. Carptree is one of the bands around that make "progressive" music. They do not choose the easy way, but take their time in composing the songs, take their time in working out the storylines and take their time in recording the songs. The result is an album that will keep you listening and thinking for a long time.

If you are into the more easy listening kind of prog, like Flower Kings, Enchant or Jadis, you might find Insekt a difficult album. But if you love bands like Riverside, Paatos or Porcupine Tree, this might very well be your cup of tea. And if you are looking for an album that has lots to offer, again Insekt is an excellent choice. As for me ... this is one of those albums that after a review will not just be put away gathering dust. Oh, no ... this one will frequently be in my CD player. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Taxonomic Days (5:29) / Mashed Potato Mountain Man (6:52) /The Secret (6:20) /?Pressure (7:14) / Sliding Down A Slippery Slope (4:59) / My Index Finger (6:27) / Slow Corrosion Of Character (5:54) / Evening Sadness (5:57) / Where Your Thoughts Move?With Ease (5:00) / Big Surprise (6:55) / Stressless (4:08)

Niclas Flinck - vocals
Carl Westholm - piano, synthesizer, melodica, vocoder & cymbals


Cia Backman - background vocals
Ulf Edel?nn - guitar, bass
Stefan Fand?n - bass, guitar
Jejo Perkovic - drums
?ivin Tronstad - background vocals
Jonas Waldeveldt - tambourine & percussion
with Trollh?ttan Chamber Choir conducted by Olle Zand

Carptree (2001)
Superhero (2003)
Man Made Machine (2005)
Insekt (2007)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin SE

Added: April 30th 2007
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
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Language: english


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