Chill Faction - Eggman On the Deuce And Other Stories

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Faith Strange
Catalog Number: FS5
Format: CD
Total Time: 77:47:00

Subtitled Snapshots In Memory, Chill Faction's Eggman On the Deuce And Other Stories is a refreshingly unusual, very high-energy indie record.

Faith Strange is an indie label formed in the mid-'90s to publish the music of new York band Life With The Lions. It has since become an interesting CD-on-demand (or CD-R-on-demand) outfit for small underground projects. The label recently elected to release this collection of songs - some previously released, some not - from New York City's Chill Faction.

This is a post-punk art-rock semi-progressive act with strong funky influences. There are occasional glimpses of good guitar work, but the instrumentation is carried by the percussion and the very prominent fretless bass. Played in the high registers, with an often funky groove, every track on this CD revolves around the bass line. Some tracks feature a synthesized trumpet sound, others have an electronic trombone, and these add welcome texture. This is song-oriented stuff, and the vocals are in the high registers of a Geddy Lee or a David Surkamp. Or more accurately, the cynical tone and the youngster-yelling attitude of the delivery could be well compared with Man On Fire's Jeff Hodges. The whole record has that indie vibe to it, where attitude and eclecticsm sometimes substitute for musical content. It leads to an interesting listen, and you'd hardly expect to see this music on the rosters at Clearchannel.

The lyrics seem to be intelligent, but you'll have to rely on your own ears to follow them because the CD's digipack has no insert with the lyrics. But the words and the sentiment are very clear on track 14, "Christmas In The Whorehouse." The title suggests the subject matter but there's nothing raunchy about it - it is a poignant piece about the girls' attempt to celebrate Christmas in their dreary environment. This is the standout track on the album for me, although there are many high points on the 15 tracks played across a generous 78 minutes.

Eggman is a fun, interesting, well-played played album, but it may have limited appeal, so you would be advised to try before you buy. Chill Faction's fiercely independent damn-the-torpedoes vibe just might be right up your alley. But be warned - this is not laid-back stuff - the eclecticism and the energy and the fretless bass that just won't stop may leave you exhausted.

Down By The Waterfront / The Affairs Of The Heart / (You Send Me Like So Many) Nuclear Missiles / Sweet & Sour Sadness Of Sunday Afternoons / Hell Without You / Don't Fall In The Crack, Jack * / 42nd Street * / I Am The Walrus * / Whenever We're Together * / Marilyn / Dance / Long Hot Summer / Hostage Of The Heart / Christmas In The Whorehouse / Bride Of Jesus

* Previously released on Eggman On The Deuce, Action / Reaction Records, 1987.

David Conrad - fretless bass
Thomas Hamlin - drums, electronic drums
Larry Kirwan - vocals, guitar, synthesiser

Guest Artists:

Mike Fazio - guitar, guitar sonics, synthesiser
Fred Parcells - electronic trombone
Joy Askew - backing vocals

Eggman On The Deuce (1987)
Eggman On the Deuce And Other Stories (2004)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: October 18th 2004
Reviewer: Duncan N Glenday
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Language: english


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