Division - Trinity

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Metal Ages
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 52:16:00

Often promotional albums are sent out without any background info, which is annoying at times. This was the case with Division. Fortunately I am a frequent visitor/poster (or at least I try to be, LOL) of the Perpetual Motion discussion board. And to my surprise I noticed a member with the signature: Division ? US Metal that does not suck (Mostly, Anyway). This person turns out to be Michael Blevins, guitarist of the aforementioned band. I find it an interesting statement and with that in mind I played Trinity, their third release.

Although it took the band 6 years to come up with a follow up on their 1998 release, Ascension To Eternity, they have been active, as they have contributed several songs for all kinds of metal tributes, from Metallica to Judas Priest. On Trinity they bring a very powerful sound, with crunchy and yet harmonious guitars and up-tempo drum and bass. Vocalist Nick Kelly has a typical metal voice: rough and powerful. Fortunately it is not all power that they bring. In "The Prophecy (Greed)," they present a ballad which sounds quite a bit like Metallica's "Fade To Black." Actually I find it a bit too similar, even the way Kelly sings it, reminds me of James Hetfield.

Stuff I like on the album are songs such as "Tapping The Vein" and title track "Trinity (No Exit)," the latter one for its slow rhythm with heavy guitars. Second guitarist Matt Crooks also plays keyboards, but either they are way back in the mix, or hardly there. Too bad, as that might have added more flavor to the music. Or some progressive parts. Such as in closing track "No World Order," although that is only found in the intro.

So, does Division suck? No. Does it suck a little bit? Do I have to be honest? OK, the only thing that annoyed me on the album is the production. It makes me feel the same way as I do about most of the Symphony X albums: Did they record this in a closet? I wish they had created a warmer, richer sound, as I find this one a bit flat. But, aside from that, these are some great musicians and they can write some powerful songs. I think it would be a blast to see them live. But based on Trinity, I can say: Division ? US Metal that does not suck. Period.

Eleventh Hour / Masquerade / The New Elite / The Prophecy (Greed) / Echoes Of The Past / Tapping The Vein / Left Behind / New Horizons / Trinity (No Exit) / Sea Of Hate / No World Order

Matt Crooks - guitars
Mike Blevins - guitar
Nick Kelly - vocals
Ron Kralik - bass
James Goetz - drums, percussion

Paradise Lost (1996)
Ascension To Eternity (1998)
Trinity (2004)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: November 27th 2004
Reviewer: Marcel Haster

Artist website: www.division-usa.com
Hits: 924
Language: english


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