Glass Hammer - Lex Rex

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Arion Records
Catalog Number: SR1123
Format: CD
Total Time: 66:47:00

Armed to the teeth with a vintage keyboard arsenal, Glass Hammer proceed to make the sounds of the 70s come alive on their latest Lex Rex. Swirling Hammond organs, flying mini-moog solos, and mellotron are all used to great effect. The concept is the story of a warrior on a quest to find glory. The two man team of Steve Babb and Fred Schendel handle almost all of what you hear on the disc, except for a few guitar solos and some vocal accompaniment.

If melodic keyboard driven symphonic progressive is your cup of tea, then Lex Rex should be a most enjoyable addition to your collection. Set up as if being presented as a play, the introduction prepares the audience for a musical extravaganza, as the actors are ready for the show. The opening "Tales Of The Great Wars" is a terrific blend of Genesis, Yes, and Gentle Giant influences - easily the best track. All the cards are left on the table during this one. Plenty of instrumental sections, balanced by softer moments, and layered vocals. This is not to be mistaken for symphonic neo-prog, as this is some complex stuff.

Yes, there are moments where the influences make themselves apparent, but enough individuality stands out to call it their own. As the disc breaks for intermission, we delve into Part 2 with a classical piano piece "Music for Four Hands (And Temporal Anomaly)". As we reach the conclusion, we find that the only place where glory can truly be found is heaven. The music tends to slow in pace on the second half, though still filled with plenty of keyboards.

Glass Hammer has presented us with material that is rife with symphonic moments that bring you back to the heyday of progressive music.

Good Evening (0:51) / Tales Of The Great Wars (10:42) / One King (6:07) / Further Up And Further In (15:13) / Intermission (1:08) / Music For Four Hands (And Temporal Anomaly) (2:19) / A Cup Of Trembling (7:50) / Centurion (7:47) / When We Were Young (9:53) / Goodnight (1:11) / Heroes And Dragons (3:45)

Steve Babb - lead & backing vocals, bass, synths, keyboards, pipe organ, Hammond, Mellotron
Fred Schendel - lead & backing vocals, steel guitars, electric & acoustic guitars, Hammond, piano, pipe organ, keyboards, synths, Mellotron, mandolin, recorder, drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:

Vocalists: Susie Bogdanowicz, Walter Moore, Sarah Lovell, Haley McGuire, Robert Streets, Carrie Streets
Guitarists: David Carter (4), Charlie Shelton (3), Bjorn Lynne (2)

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Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin US

Added: December 2nd 2002
Reviewer: Eric Porter

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Language: english


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