Mindflow - Just The Two Of Us ... Me And Them

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Heavencross
Catalog Number: HRCD 012
Format: CD
Total Time: 62:41:00

The Spanish label Heavencross Records treats us to some excellent debut albums, this summer. First they have treated us to the power metal of Everdome (see the review on this website) and now another amazing debut album comes our way: Mindflow, Just The Two Of Us ... Me And Them. This album walks the tightrope between rock and metal and come dangerously close to the style of Pain of Salvation.

Mindflow really amazed me on all fronts! Judging by the photo of the band on the album, the members of the band are relatively young, but they sound as if they are playing for years, as the album brings a very mature sound and excellent compositions. Vocalist Danilo Herbert often resembles Daniel Gildenlöw (PoS) and at times the mood of the album is very much Pain of Salvation. Mindflow is not even close to be a PoS clone, no, they can stand on their own legs on this concept album, which tells a story about something that actually happened to Rodrigo Hidalgo (guitars, backing vocals). Wanna know what story? Buy the album and find out yourself! 

Mindflow is an amazingly versatile band, incorporating all kinds of influences and styles in their music, from power metal to soft rock, everything played with very much skill. Also they are using a lot of sound effects, adding to the concept, as never you get the feeling it was added to compensate for something. No, it rather compliments the music. Although you should listen to this album as a whole, some highlights: "Meeting Her Eyes," great prog metal song, with excellent drums by Rafael Pensado and crunchy riffs. Then Miguel Spada adds his keys to complete the song. "Invisible Messages," prog rock, with once more great guitars and percussion and good vocals. "Honesty," the epic, with almost 10 minutes, and prog metal in the vein of the best Dream Theater, with a tight rhythm section here, Ricardo Winandy on bass. In total contrast to all the metal violence, "Touch of Immortality" really stands out as a sheer beautiful song: soft piano and Spanish guitar! An oasis of rest amidst the album.

The band really worked hard on their debut and it has paid off. 16 strong compositions, excellent musicians, stunning production and beautiful artwork. This album really impressed me, not just the quality, but also the variety of music. Top class album and definitely a must have!

[This review originally appeared August 2004 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Focus (1:22) / Meeting Her Eyes (5:34) / The Logic Behind Heads And Tails (6:51) / Real Illusion (1:26) / Deadly Event (2:44) / October 17th (3:31) / So That Life Can Move Along (1:59) / Invisible Messages (5:26) / Premonition (Wake Up Ariel!) (0:37) / Honesty (9:29) / Touch Of Immortality (3:12) / Dangerous Self Engineering (0:56) / 2nd Dawn (9:34) / Another Point Of View (3:58) / The House Of A Locked Mind (2:36) / A Noble Truth # 2 (3:15)

Danilo Herbert - vocals
Rodrigo Hidalgo - guitars, backing vocals
Rafael Pensado - drums
Miguel Spada - keyboards
Ricardo Winandy ? bass

Just The Two Of Us ... Me And Them (2004)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin BR

Added: November 28th 2004
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
Artist website: www.mindflow.com.br
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Language: english


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