No Code - Crimson

Year of Release: 2004
Label: Independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 52:12:00

Although most teenagers prefer whatever MTV is feeding them, there are a lot of young kids today who determine their own musical taste and dare to express it. In my search for unknown Dutch bands, I came across the band NoCode, who made a definite statement with their debut album Crimson. The two demos they released, got them great reviews from, amongst others, Aardschok, which is the leading metal magazine in Holland. NoCode is a very young band: the youngest member, Stijn Warendorff (bass) is only 17 years old. The oldest is his brother Jelle (guitar, synths), who is 21 years of age. Singer Johanneke Kranendonk, who also wrote all the lyrics and drummer Dirk Schuit are both 19.

So, young talent that already has impressed. They describe themselves as a very intense, experimental rock band and after having listened to the album, I think that is a good description of their music. Don't expect any standard rock or metal songs. Although not in sound, but in approach they resemble King Crimson, also known for its unusual music. Vocalist Johanneke Kranendonk reminds me of the first time I heard Floor Jansen (After Forever): a powerful, clear voice, although not with the range of Floor's soprano voice. Kranendonk is definitely the center of NoCode, with also some Tori Amos thrown in.

I guess the description "progressive" is very appropriate here, as they hardly resemble any other band, but have created their own sound and bring it with verve. Good, solid rhythm section, excellent guitar player, who does show off with some cool solos. They synths are in the background, but sometimes they come out and add some flavor to the songs, although it would not hurt them to use it a little more. A few songs that stand out: "Firemen And Their Hoses," great title, but an even better song, "Ice Floe," with a lot of Tori Amos influences and still NoCode, slow, pounding rhythm and ditto guitar ? amazing! Or "Innuendo", with a touch of Mike Holmes (IQ), played by Jelle Warendonk ...

Ranging from heavy rock, with metal edges, to ambient, almost new age like and even some swing, everything played with great talent and skill, that is what NoCode stands for. An impressive, highly original and varied debut album, with a great promise for the future! One point of advice to the band: the production, and especially the mix, deserve some attention, but other than that: amazing album!

[This review originally appeared August 2004 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Hunger / Hiss / Firemen And Their Hoses / Ice Floe / Dream Weaver / Twirling, Twirling / Poisonous Smile / Innuendo / Sparkle / Spawn

Johanneke Kranendonk - Vocals
Jelle Warendorff - Guitars, Synths
Stijn Warendorff - Bass
Dirk Schuit - Drums, Percussion

Idolatry (ep) (2002)
Tuella (ep) (2003)
Crimson (2004)

Genre: Other

Origin NL

Added: November 27th 2004
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
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Language: english


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