Capaldi, Jim - Poor Boy Blue

Year of Release: 2004
Label: SPV
Catalog Number: 085-70412
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:22:00

Although surely not as famous as his cohort Steve Winwood, ex-Traffic member Jim Capaldi most certainly can be rated as important as say Don Henley. As a singer songwriter, Capaldi has composed many great tunes over the years, and also on this his brand new album he continues the tradition. After having been involved in bands such as The Hellions, Deep Feeling, Traffic and his very own band The Contenders, Capaldi started his solo career way back in 1972 with the album Oh How We Danced. Let's not forget that the world smash hit "Love Hurts," as made immortal by Nazareth, was first to be found on Jim's album Short Cut Draw Blood album!* When Eric Clapton returned to the stage after a lengthy spell of inactivity and personal problems, Capaldi was present during the well-known Rainbow concert to help Clapton's return to music. I mentioned Don Henley, so it will not sound as a surprise to know that Capaldi wrote the Eagles' reunion hit "Love Will Keep Us Alive" [along with Paul Carrack and Jim Vale -ed.]. In memory of his great friend George Harrison, Capaldi also helped out during the Concert For George tribute as performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

With Poor Boy Blue, Capaldi delivers his eleventh solo album and as always it has become a collection of various styles. The opening title track is a royal portion of fantastic blues rock, which makes me think of bands like Taste, Humble Pie and even Cream, whilst towards the end the song contains some outstanding guitar solos as well as some breaks which sound like vintage Queen. With "Into The Void," Capaldi delivers the kind of song that could easily be covered by the likes of Michael Jackson. Based around a repetitive bass line, it becomes addictive after a couple of hearings. To be honest, the following track, "Breathless," even has a more commercial vibe and with the right marketing this surely could be a smash hit the world over. Maybe Capaldi is a little "old" to please the hit single public, but should this song be given to a younger "star" such as, for instance, Ashlee Simpson, then this song would most certainly rocket into the charts!** Without sounding too commercial, Capaldi knows how to compose a good sounding track. All the right ingredients are there to please both the rock lover and the music lover who constantly listens to chart music. "Secrets In The Dark" is an ideal song for Bonnie Tyler for instance. With "Long Legs," the atmosphere of vintage Bad Company springs to mind delivering the kind of rock that has everybody moving.

The ballad "California Sunset" is the kind of song you'd expect from someone like Bryan Adams, selling millions of copies worldwide. In fact, it even has that "Bird Of Paradise" atmosphere all over, as made immortal by Snowy White. In the distance of the acoustic "Bright Fighter," I hear echoes of Bad Company's "Seagull." It even goes more acoustic and simplistic with "I've Been Changing," which contains the kind of charm introduced by the likes of Ralph McTell. As you can tell from these references, Poor Boy Blue is indeed a varied collection of songs delivered in the highest quality possible. Your ideal car companion!

[*First first, of course, on the Everly Brothers' 1961 release A Date With The Everly Brothers - factoid ed.]

[** Yes, but wouldn't the lip-syncing to Capaldi be obvious? - sarcastic ed.]

Poor Boy Blue (4:40) / Edge Of Love (3:52) / Into The Void (5:00) / Breathless (3:25) / Getting Stronger (4:24) / Secrets In The Dark (4:17) / Long Legs (3:35) / Scream It To The Dark (2:34) / California Sunset (4:03) / Bright Fighter (3:33) / I've Been Changing (1:46) / Now Is The Time (4:13)

Jim Capaldi - drums, vocals, background vocals
Peter Bonas - guitar
Phil Capaldi - background vocals
Brent Forbes - bass
Bryson Graham - drums
Steve Kinch - bass
Stevie Lange - background vocals
Sammy Mitchell - slide guitar
Trevor Morais - drums
Chris Parren - synthesizer, piano
Peter Vale - guitar, background vocals
Steve Winwood - synthesizer, guitar

Oh How We Danced (1972)
Whale Meat Again (1974)
Short Cut Draw Blood (1975)
Play It By Ear (1977)
Daughter Of The Night (1978)
The Contender (1978)
Electric Nights (1979)
The Sweet Smell Of ... Success (1980)
Let The Thunder Cry (1981)
Fierce Heart (1983)
One Man Mission (1984)
Some Came Running (1988)
Prince Of Darkness (1995)
Living On The Outside (2001/2003)
Poor Boy Blue (2004)

Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: November 21st 2004
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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