Eternity X - The Edge

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Angular Records
Catalog Number: SKAN 8206.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 74:00:00

I've had this disc for quite awhile now ... I can't believe it is not catching, especially with the concept disc lovers ... this is pure Heaven, or Hell as you'll find out and get engulfed in the story ... in the meantime, I am constantly putting this disc on when I am feeling emotional, it's quite an emotional roller coaster side sort of in the vein of a Savatage's Streets, or Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime, where the characters get screwed over so bad, you have to feel bad for them, even tho you know it's all made up.

This particular disc is 75 minutes of emotional, conceptual, melodic, progressive at times, heavy, soft, thoughtful... on and on and on and on... this disc certainly has something for everyone ... the only way to listen to this disc is to listen to the whole thing. There are certain discs you have to put on from beginning to end, and this is one of them. You cannot get the full feel of this thing by a few songs, and I know I sent a couple of songs to some of you, but it's really not fair to you or the band to do it that way ... you wouldn't want pieces of The Final Experiment now would you? That's a story that has to be heard in its entirety to fully appreciate the band, and the disc as a whole ... Same thing with this disc ... heard in pieces, it's confusing ... heard in its entirety, it's a great, thoughtful story. and I am still trying to figure out what the main theme is, because I am having so much fun trying to absorb every song to put it together ... suffice it to say it's about a dark, heavy, creative, atmospheric roller coaster right from the start to the end, and here is why:


As I mentioned, melodic, sometimes progressive, heavy, soft, passionate, and VERY keyboard laiden. There is only one keyboard player in this band, but you'd swear there were two or three and I am a chump for sound as symphonic and diverse as this guy plays ... from beautiful piano, to heavy synths, to soft synths, this guy is a one man orchestra ... excellent in his approach ... The guitarist is also excellent, and the play between the guitar and the keyboard is superb ... these guys sound like they were made for each other, I have to say that quite a bit of musical genius was required to write this whole thing out musically ... for the most part, I'd gave to say that melodic metal as well as progressive metal lovers will dig this disc, as it is so diverse, it's hard to put it into a single category...


Excellent ... there are only 5 members in this band, and it sounds like an army of musicians ... this is laid out nicely, with the guitars and keyboards standing out, and it's rare to see such interplay between two different instruments ... usually it's a twin guitar attack, or virtuoso keyboard player that stands out, but here, these guys are so in tune with each other, it's a treat to hear them to go back and forth not trying to do each other, but making a seemless sound as though they were both playing the same thing. The keyboards is what draws me into this thing ... the engineer made sure that every key stands out crisp and it's almost like the guy is playing right in your living-room ... pristine ...


Some of you that have heard Keith Sudano sing, either couldn't figure out who he sounded like, or whether or not you liked him ... that's the good part about it ... he uses so many different styles, and uses so many different voices, you wonder who the hell is singing each song, it always sounds like someone different ... when you hear each song, and try to figure out who he sounds like, the very next song comes on and you are right back at square one trying to figure it out all over again ... I stopped ... he may resemble several singers, but his ability is quite clear here ... I would say that he uses no less than 7-10 different voices throughout the disc, and guys with talent like that need to be heard ... as I write this, he is using 3 different voices in the same song passage, and he is blowing me away ... The great thing about Keith is that he is singing with passion ... you can tell he is part of his story, relating the facts and events through the eyes of each character with emotion and passion ... the ones who die in the story, you have to feel bad for ... because he is singing in a manner which makes you FEEL the story as well as hear it ... It is hard to compare him to any other singer, because of his ability to change tones and styles instantly, but I would put him as mid-range singer, with a super pleasant voice, and capable of hitting the high notes when he has to ... you won't worry about who he sounds like when you hear him sing this thing from start to finish ... Some of his singing? is so beautiful, I get chills listening to him ... it's that emotional ... what does make a great singer? Guys that control and use their voice like Keith Sudano does ... Check this out.


Guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, and singer ... all superb. Guitar lovers will love this guy, who holds down the entire disc with nice, crunching, almost classical-like style of playing ... some of these chord riffs have me playing air guitar all over the room ... My heart (and ears) have always loved that keyboard/guitar mix in prog metal, and bands like this that can interplay with each other, excites the hell out of me ... but, I have to admit, I am a chump for keyboard sounds in prog metal, and these guys sounds like a damn orchestra ... from soft acoustic pianos, almost reminding me of the great Dennis DeYoung in Styx sound, to heavy orchestrated synths, to soft flute like passages, to full blown orchestrated sounds, this guy is a treat ... The bass and drums are always pounding out the background as if they are trying to match the intensity of the singing, or the guitar/keyboard duo ... these guys all mean business ...


This is the year of concept discs ... I love concept discs ... this is an EXCELLENT concept disc from every aspect ... I've got this cranking right now as I write this, and I have to admit I am chilled by some of the singing passages and the dark atmospheric story really helps to make this a creepy, realistic, superb roller coaster ride ... You will NOT get this disc when you play it the first couple of times ... it is too complex, too long, too thought-provoking to figure out what the hell is going on here .... but, when you get about halfway through the disc, and you hit 10-plus minutes of the song, "Imaginarium," you will know that you are being assaulted musically, and that this is one of the most emotional discs I have grabbed in a long time ... from the sound of what I think are angels singing, a light airy chorus, to the heavy, deep dark brooding sounds of the underworld, this disc is a musical, brain-teasing, provocative gem ... The worst part of this disc is that it's something that probably happens every day in someone's life, and the lyrics will prove this to you, as they are telling a religious story, almost like an Operation: Mindcrime approaches it's religious aspect. You know it's real, but you hope whoever wrote it, made it up ... :0) My hats off to this band, this is one hell of a concept disc, and if it took me this long to grasp the musical part, then you know that this is some serious, thought provoking music. And I haven't even begun to decipher the story yet, it's that involved ... Go out and get this thing, put out the lights, or better yet, keep them on ... this is one, scary,awesome musical piece...

Essential for concept disc lovers!!!!!

The Edge...(Introduction) (6:10) / Fly Away (8:03) / The Confession (6:19) / The Edge Part 2 (6:23) / A Day in Verse (7:58) / Imaginarium (10:11) / The Edge Part 3 (5:01) / The Edge of Madness (7:13) / Rejection (3:24) / Baptized By Fire (7:28) / The Edge...Legacy/Reprise (5:03)

Jeff Shernov - guitars, backing vocals
Robert 'Zeek' Maziekien - bass, backing vocals
Keith Sudano - lead and backing vocals
Jimmy Peruta - drums and percussion
Jaime Mazur - keyboards

Once Upon A Dream comp comprising:
??? - The Never Ending Dream (ep) (1991)
??? - After The Silence (ep) (1993)
Zodiac (1994)
Mind Games (1995)
The Edge (1997)

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Origin US

Added: July 25th 1999
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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