Bregent - Partir Pour Ailleurs

Year of Release: 2007
Label: ProgresSon Music Inc.
Catalog Number: MPM20
Format: CD
Total Time: 76:28:00

Bregent's approach was to apply the words of some of the greatest French poets to their music. Partir Pour Ailleurs originally released in 1979, had me shaking my head and wondering if I could even give this a second listen. My reaction could be the result of the language barrier, but I honestly don't believe so.

The vocals of Jacques Bregent are delivered in both spoken word and singing, but for the most part just wreak havoc on what at times is interesting music. The haunting music of "Les Mouillures" begs to be upfront, and is strong enough to surface above the vocals at times. "L'Intersection" is one of the few pieces where the band's music shows its muscle and provides a breath of fresh air, until the vocals show up late in the song. These are rare moments, too few and far between to justify repeat listens. A live show from 1977 Live A L'Uqam is included, offering up seven additional tracks.

The musicians are obviously talented, but they just don't make enough of an impact with this approach. Call me unsophisticated, but this ends up sounding corny to my ears. If I had the software to mix out the vocals, then we might have something, otherwise Bregent has received its first and last spin in my CD player.

T'es Rock Coco (3:06) / Mes Longs Voyages (9:46) / Les Mouillures (2:49) / En Muet (2:43) / La Folle Complainte (4:40) / L'Intersection (5:09) / Couvre-Feu (0:52) / Liberte (3:53) / Qu Ont Vu Tes Yeux (1:26) / Sur Le Balcon (3:08) / Bonus Material : Live A L'Uqam 1977 En Muet (2:59) / La Folle Complainte (4:47) / Sur Le Balcon (3:35) / Mes Longs Voyages (10:34) / L'Intersection - Couvre-Feu (6:23) / T'es Rock Coco (4:23) / Dieu Est Negre (5:44)

Jacques Bregent - vocals
Michael Georges Bregent - organ, mini Moog, Arp, piano, Fender Rhodes, Hohner clavinet
Jacques Laurin - bass
Claude Chapleau - bass, violin
Jean-Guy Montpetit - guitar, flute
Michel Donato - acoustic bass
Sylvain Coutu - drums, vibraphone
Vincent Dionee - percussion
Jean Savageau - caisse-claire

Poussiere Des Regrets (1973)
Partir Pour Ailleurs (1979)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin CA

Added: June 21st 2007
Reviewer: Eric Porter
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Language: english


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