Eternity X - The Edge

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Angular Records
Catalog Number: SKAN 8206.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 74:00:00

What a great intro this disc has - a few minutes of suspense building, slow, guitar and keyboard sounds that explode into what this disc is about ... melodies, harmonies, passion, feelings, and insanity. I can't find a single thing I don't like about The Edge, and I can't complain about getting my dollar's worth. At over 70 minutes and not a bad track on it, there's enough progressive instrumentation, vocal variety, and lyrical wizardry to make George Lucas shiver, and I can't wait to see a stage show. When listening to this disc, I can imagine a theatrical display quite easily, and it's all progressive and metal.

About the packaging, when I first got this CD earlier this summer, the first thing I did after opening it was take the CD out of it's holder, not only to put it in the player, but also to get a good look at the graphics that lie behind it. Most recently there has been a wave of CDs with graphics on the inside tray, instead of a black square staring back at you. This was one of the first I had seen like this. The designers here took every opportunity to use this otherwise dead-space to give us the album credits in a very pleasing way.

The only thing you'll see on the inside of the book is the lyrics. They clearly seperated the songs from the credits. The back of the book is where you'll find the images of the band members, laid out in duotone fashion, which is using shades of two colors to create an effect.

The overall design of this CD jacket says that what's heard on the CD is a well thought out piece of work. And it is.

[This review courtesy Jeff Keifling; I don't recall where it originally appeared, the Perpetual Motion board most likely (and at a site called AudioVision for a while before PW absorbed it in 1999) -ed]

The Edge...(Introduction) (6:10) / Fly Away (8:03) / The Confession (6:19) / The Edge Part 2 (6:23) / A Day in Verse (7:58) / Imaginarium (10:11) / The Edge Part 3 (5:01) / The Edge of Madness (7:13) / Rejection (3:24) / Baptized By Fire (7:28) / The Edge...Legacy/Reprise (5:03)

Jeff Shernov - guitars, backing vocals
Robert 'Zeek' Maziekien - bass, backing vocals
Keith Sudano - lead and backing vocals
Jimmy Peruta - drums and percussion
Jaime Mazur - keyboards

Once Upon A Dream comp comprising:
- The Never Ending Dream (ep) (1991)
- After The Silence (ep) (1993)
Zodiac (1994)
Mind Games (1995)
The Edge (1997)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: July 25th 1999
Reviewer: Jeff Keifling

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Language: english


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