Entwine - Time Of Despair

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Spikefarm/Spinefarm
Catalog Number: NAULA028SP
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:00:00

I really like Finnish bands like Sentenced, Amorphis, Charon, and To/Die/For - they create a sense of being and belonging that's different to the mood created by, say, energetic power metal for instance. Entwine is another long time Finnish band that have been around for a few years now (since 1995).

Time Of Despair is the 3rd album from these Finnish gothic metallers (behind Treasures Within Hearts and Gone) and it's a chance for the band to cosset themselves in more despondency and self-indulgence. This pessimism and introspection comes in the form of very honest, heartfelt lyrics that work a treat when you're feeling disheartened or rejected. The music is, at times, a little downtuned (courtesy of the guitars of Tom Mikkola) but just as melodic as on their previous album Gone. There are more hit songs on here though, including the two bonus tracks, "Tonight" and "Tears Are Falling" that are made for commercial airplay. Simple, just like Top 40 music in general. Like I noted on their previous disc Gone, Entwine won't overwhelm you musically because they keep it fairly simple but at the same time there is excitement and fervour in the music which is a main attraction.

Vocalist Mika Taurianinen plays it fairly safe and doesn't try too hard. He has a smooth, controlled voice that is not as rough as Ville Laihiala (Sentenced) but more similarly associated with Jape Peratalo (To/Die/For). The keys by Riitta Heikkonen fill the music lightly without being intrusive. They cleverly entertain whilst the focus remains on the ambient dissolution of life. It's a smart mix. Some songs are more energetic than others like the first single "The Pit" and "Learn To Let Go" and they are equally as impressive as the sorrowful and mournful "Burden" and "Time Of Despair". Songs like "Nothing To Say" and the epic (for Entwine) "Until The End" - which features a duet with a Saara Hellstrom (Neverwood) - remain more depressing but so passionate and powerful. Just how I like this music.

Entwine fill a clever niche as only the Finnish can do. Their captivating music won't please everyone and the slow-mid pace of the songs may isolate some people, but isolation is one of the main reasons why I'm so attracted to Time Of Despair.

Similar To: Sentenced, Amorphis, To/Die/For, HIM

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Stream Of Life / The Pit / Nothing Left To Say / Safe In A Dream / Burden / Falling Apart / Until The End / Learn To Let Go / Time Of Despair

Mika Tauriainen - vocals
Tom Mikkola - guitars
Jaani Kähkönen - guitars
Joni Miettenen - bass
Riitta Heikkonen - keyboards
Aksu Hanttu - drums

The Treasures Within Hearts (1999)
Gone (2001)
Time Of Despair (2002)
DiEversity (2004)
Sliver (ep) (2005)
Fatal Design (2006)

Genre: Other

Origin FI

Added: December 18th 2004
Reviewer: Gary Carson
Artist website: www.entwine.org
Hits: 1162
Language: english


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