Evergrey - Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Hall Of Sermon
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:28:00

This Swedish four-piece released their debut The Dark Discovery to critical acclaim worldwide and this CD was indeed an impressive discovery for me and many fans with me. Now, the second CD is out and there's been a lot of buzz about this band on the net ever since the first edition of this CD was released some months ago.

Evergrey offer a unique blend of dark, slightly gloomy, emotive and atmospheric power/prog. The kind that grabs your attention from the very beginning, and never lets go. The guitars are powerful and crunchy, producing killer chords and superb staccato riffing. The awesome mid-ranged vocals have been compared to the likes of Tony Martin, and that is by far a very good description. Tom Englund's voice is full of drama and soul. The music is backed up by symphonic and atmospheric walls of keys, which bring a new dimension to the songs. Of course the drumming and bass work is of highest quality as well.

Evergrey has a original style and the use of samples is really effective. The melody-lines are really melodic and accessible, and the sound is powerful and epic, which makes this CD a haunting experience.

This is by far one of the best CDs in power metal and prog metal history and King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRoque's production really shines. No serious metal fan should be without this in their collection. Everything about this CD rules and considering the originality of their sound as well, this gets the highest grade. A true gem!

Released in North America by InsideOut Music (IOMACD 4045-2) in 2004 (special edition))

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Solitude Within / Nosferatu / The Shocking Truth / A Scattered Me / She Speaks To The Dead / When Darkness Falls / Words Mean Nothing / Damnation / The Corey Curse

Tom Englund - vocals, guitar
Henrik Danhage - guitars
Michael Hakansson - bass
Patrick Carlsson -drums
Sven Karlsson - keyboards

The Dark Discovery (1998)
Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy (1999)
In Search Of Truth (2001)
Recreation Day (2003)
Inner Circle (2004)
The Dark Discovery - Special Edition (2004)
Solitude*Dominance*Tragedy - Special Edition (2004)
A Night To Remember - Live 2004 (2005)
Monday Morning Apocalypse (2006)
Torn (2008)
Glorious Collision (2011)
Hymns For The Broken (2014)
The Storm Within (2016)

A Night To Remember - Live 2004 (DVD) (2005)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin SE

Added: December 18th 2004
Reviewer: Bjørnar Bevolden
Artist website: www.evergrey.net
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Language: english


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