Elegy - Forbidden Fruit

Year of Release: 2000
Label: Noise Records/T&T
Catalog Number: TT 0046-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 52:20:00

Elegy's last album, Manifestation Of Fear, was a small disappointment for me, especially considering the quality of the fantastic State Of Mind. Now, since the last CD, guitarist and mastermind Hank Van Der Laars has left the throne for the benefit of French guitar wiz Patrick Rondat (various solo CDs, guitarist for Jean M Jarre). This fact did concern me as I always thought Laars was the guy responsible for the characteristic Elegy sound.

My worries were unfounded as Rondat really fits this role perfectly. Damn, this guy even makes Elegy sound more Elegy than with Laars on the last album. There is no doubt he has put his soul into this CD to carry on the Elegy sound. His fretwork is simply outstanding and a guitar fan's wet dream. The powerful riffing, the blistering solos, the psuedo progressive nature. It all makes for an extremely full CD. Parry is in fine form as always and the rhythm section makes a tight and solid performance. Also worth noticing is that Vanden Plas keysman, Gunther Werno, does all the keyboards on this album.

We are still talking powerful semi-technical Euro melodic metal here. Stylistically they blend both the trend on Manifestation... with the older style that was on Supremacy. The songs are much stronger than on the last CD, although they need to be heard a few times before they really grab you. The quality of the songs throughout the album is very even and there are killer songs following in a row. The production is well balanced, clear and with much power to the guitars.

I find this to be quite a masterpiece and certainly one of the best CDs of the genre this year. Fans of Elegy, Consortium Project, and Euro metal in general can run to the stores to get their copy immediately - there is no reason not to.

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Ice House / Force Majeure / Killing Time / Behind The Tears / The Great Charade / 'Til Eternity / Masquerade / Elegant Solution / I Believe / Forbidden Fruit

Ian Parry - vocals
Martin Helmantel - bass
Dirk Bruinenburg - drums
Patrick Rondat -guitars

Labyrinth of Dreams (1993)
Supremacy (1994)
Lost (1995)
Primal Instinct (1996)
State of Mind (1997)
Manifestation of Fear (1998)
Forbidden Fruit (2000)
Principles Of Pain (2002)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin NL

Added: December 18th 2004
Reviewer: Bjørnar Bevolden
Artist website: www.ianparry.com
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Language: english


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