D.A.D. - Soft Dogs

Year of Release: 2002
Label: EMI-Medley Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 48:01:00

This is album number eight for these Danish rock 'n' rollers who found fame and fortune in the late 80s led rock with hit albums like No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims and Riskin' It All. Before you shout out, "Are they still around?," for your information the band have consistently released album after album that have sold extremely well in Europe. Playing rock and roll, D.A.D. for this album, have changed sound, tightened up, diversified, found other influences, and at the same time kept the core component of their members. That core component features Jesper Binzer (v/g), Stig Pedersen (b), Jacob Binzer (g), and their newest member, drummer Laust Sonne.

Soft Dogs is rock 'n' roll but not the heavier kind we're used to on previous albums. In fact, this is probably D.A.D.'s softest album to date due to the album focusing upon love and romance. Not their usual topic of conversation, but a given considering their long 18 year history. One of the things I've always loved about the band is their weird/cheeky lyrics. And after all this time they still manage to write amusing and cleverly constructed (or should that be "Reconstrucdead"?) wordplay. The album maintains influences encompassing blues ("What's The Matter") and country ("The Truth About You" and "Blue All Over") but they still maintain a rock focused, guitar directed album that is not overly heavy. In fact, after listening to the album it is clear the band have really concentrated on the softer melodies with lots of guitar picking and strumming.

If you haven't picked up a D.A.D. album for a long time then the main changes are the lack of arrogant, independent lyrics that we got to know from those early albums. The youthful spite from those years has matured into a band that writes more musical melodies than anything else. In fact, the only major thing missing is a bit of heavier guitar work and some balls. But, for a decidedly different side to the band, I rather enjoy this disc a lot.

D.A.D., as they are officially presented nowadays, have released a really worthwhile album for those who just like simple, independent rock 'n' roll with full flavour and no bullshit. Four musicians playing what they want without the need for overblown technicalities or computerised processes. D.A.D. has again delivered the goods. But bare in mind, the sound is not the same as those old days.

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Soft Dogs / What's The Matter? / The Truth About You / Golden Way / So What? / Between You & Me / Out There / It Changes Everything / Un Frappe Sur La Tete / Blue All Over / Hey Little Airplane / Human Kind

Jesper Binzer - vocals, guitar
Jakob Binzer - guitar
Stig Pedersen - bass
Laust Sonne - drums

Call Of The Wild (1986)
D.A.D. Draws A Circle (1987)
No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims (1989)
Osaka After Dark (1990)
Riskin' It All (1991)
Helpyourselfish (1995)
Simpatico (1997)
Pyschopatico (1998)
Everything Glows (2000)
Soft Dogs (2002)

Genre: Rock

Origin DK

Added: December 11th 2004
Reviewer: Gary Carson
Artist website: www.d-a-d.dk
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Language: english


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