Dreamtale - Beyond Reality

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Spinefarm
Catalog Number: SPI151CD
Format: CD
Total Time: 62:41:00

A 4-minute intro begins another Finnish melodic power metal band. That intro, imaginatively titled "Intro," is also narrated to introduce the band - Dreamtale.

Twelve tracks comprise Beyond Reality which began life as the four-track demo Refuge From Reality. From the original demo, the band have replaced two members, introducing Turkka Vuorinen on keyboards (who replaced Mikko Viheriala) and Alois Weimer on bass (who replaced Kimmo Arramies). Those four original numbers - "Refuge From Reality," "Fallen Star," "Heart's Desire," and "Where The Rainbow Ends" - all return in a form clearly bigger and better than their original counterparts and the opening tracks on this album are simply superb and demonstrate the enthusiasm the band conjures. When they are on song, some of this material is at the very peak of the more melody dominated power metal. On the counter side to this is that some of the songs are less than original and the intensity of some of the middle numbers wane in comparison to the early and later numbers. There's not a lot of originality here but if something is good then it is good. Dreamtale excel when they highlight the layered, multi-tracked vocals, in particular the choruses, where vocalist Rami Keranen can take off with the best of them. [I think he means Tomi Viiltola, since Tomi was the lead vocalist... as far as I can ascertain from their website - PW ed.]. The vocal melodies themselves are something that Dreamtale do very well and it's something power metal, especially the happy power metal, does particularly well.

The problem occurs, though, when we reach the middle of the album where the songs become less original. It's not a major problem per se, but it is something power metal listeners are getting used to with the number of albums reaching the metal stores. Also, I think 12 songs is particularly difficult for a new band to pull off on a debut album. Culling two tracks or the polishing of some of the tracks would be the order of the day methinks. The keys may be a bit too overwhelming for some listeners but they are diverse at times and not that I want to hark on their vocalist, but Rami (who also handles one of the guitars), does struggle with some songs during the verses but not enough to negate the obvious positives of the album. "Dance In The Twilight" begins in ballad form, but quickly moves into thumping power metal prose whilst "Silent Path" sees Rami relinquishing the vocals to [guest] Sanna Natunen whose joyous, picturesque ballad is full of spirit. Marco Heitala (Nightwish, Tarot, ex-Sinergy) enjoys co-lead vocals on "Where The Rainbow Ends" and "Heart's Desire" which are both exceptional and the album rounds off in epic fashion with the 7 minute "Farewell?".

Musically, like vocally, it depends what you want from an album. There's lots of leads by keyboardist Turkka Vuroinen that contrast nicely with both guitarists (the other guitarist is Esa Orjatsalo). They use every trick in the book but the book is becoming full to overflowing but Dreamtale manage to stay ahead of the pack with some absolutely magic songs like "Fallen Star," "Where The Rainbow Ends," "Refuge From Reality," and "Memories Of Time".

The closest comparison, once again in Finland, is with Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius. They differ to newcomers Thunderstone by having a vocalist with a different sound. Either way, check Dreamtale out. I"m sure there'll be more to come.

A certain Gary Carson is credited on the band's website with editing the lyrics... coincidence? Or lack of a disclaimer? - PW ed.]

Similar To: Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
The Dawn (Intro) (instrumental) / Memories Of Time / Fallen Star / Heart's Desire / Where The Rainbow Ends / Time Of Fatherhood / Dreamland / Call Of The Wild / Dancing In The Twlight / Refuge From Reality / Silent Path / Farewell...

European version: Intro: Hummel Gets The Rockets / Memories Of Time / Fallen Star / Heart's Desire / Where The Rainbow Ends / Time Of Fatherhood / Dreamland / Call Of The Wild / Bonus: Dancing In The Twilight / Refuge From Reality / Silent Path / Farewell...

Japanese version: The Dawn (intro) / Memories Of Time / Refuge From Reality / Fallen Star / Heart's Desire / Time Of Fatherhood / Where The Rainbow Ends / Dreamland / Call Of The Wild / Bonus: Secret Wish / Silent Path / Farewell...

Tomi Viiltola - vocals
Rami Keränen - guitars
Esa Orjatsalo - guitars
Pete Rosenbom - drums
Turkka Vuorinen - keyboards
Alois Weimer - bass

Shadow Of The Frozen Sun (demo) (1999)
Refuge From Reality (2001)
Beyond Reality (2002)
Ocean's Heart (2003)
Difference (2005)

Genre: Melodic Metal

Origin FI

Added: December 11th 2004
Reviewer: Gary Carson
Artist website: www.dreamtale.net
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Language: english


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