Dark Moor - Dark Moor

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Arise Records
Catalog Number: AR050
Format: CD
Total Time: 60:45:00

Inside the overcrowded population of power metal bands that exist today, there must be some of them to stand alone, head up and proud. Dark Moor fits perfectly in this category. They started as a sub par speedy power metal band, similar to Helloween and Stratovarius, to finally become, four full length albums later, an interesting, unique band.

First thing to notice, sadly, is the departure of Elisa Martin, which was, in my humble opinion, one the main "attractions" of the band. This girl had "balls." She was capable of singing in a multitude of ranges, from soft lullaby like vocal lines, to epic, heroic vocal performances. The new singer is not bad at all, its just I felt that I needed some time to digest the difference, even though at times, Alfred Romero (s) sounds exactly like Elisa. Throughout the listening of the album, I often heard some Khan (Kamelot's singer) influences in Romero's vocal lines.

Even though the music follows often the pattern "verse-verse, chorus, verse-verse, chorus," Dark Moor's song writing as improved a lot since their first album. Just listen to track like "The Bane Of Daninsky," and you will understand what I mean. When you think they will go with the usual clichés, they hit you right away with a solo or a riff that breaks the pace, leaving you breathless, asking for more. The mixing work is from Luigi Stefanini, ex-Labyrinth's drummer, and also an well known Italian power metal band producer. Although the production is quite good, what I think makes the sound so great is the mastering, done at the more than acclaimed Finnvox studio. When you see this name in the credit, you know that the sound will be simply HUGE, and this album does not differ from the others.

If you think you have simply heard everything power metal can offer you, think different. Dark Moor will impress you I'm sure, as they really are becoming, slowly but surely, a strong asset in the power metal world.

Similar to: Labyrinth, Rhapsody, Kamelot.

[This review originally appeared December 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
A Life For Revenge / Eternally / The Bane Of Daninsky (The Werewolf) / Philip, The Second / From Hell / Cyrano Of Bergerac / Overture (Attila) / Wind Like Stroke (Attila) / Return For Love (Attila) / Amore Venio (Attila) / The Ghost Sword (Attila) / The Dark Moor

Enrik García - guitar & backing vocals
Alfred Romero - vocals
Anan Kaddouri - bass
Andy C - drums
Jose Garrido - guitars

Shadowland (1999)
The Hall Of The Olden Dreams (2000)
The Fall Of Melnibone (ep) (2001)
The Gates of Oblivion (2002)
Between Light And Darkness (ep) (2003)
From Hell (ep) (2003)
Dark Moor (2003)
Beyond The Sea (2005)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin ES

Added: December 11th 2004
Reviewer: Mathieu Chamberland
Artist website: www.dark-moor.com
Hits: 876
Language: english


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