Domine - Stormbringer Ruler (The Legend of The Power Supreme)

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Dragonheart
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 58:06:00

There are some bands that are pure clones of others that you can do nothing else but like them anyway. Domine is a perfect example of this statement with the band sounding a pure clone of the classic metal band Manowar. I can't help but like their music with each new release.

Their music could be qualified as true metal, a style that was practically created by Manowar when the popularity of bands such as Def Leppard,[and] Warrant exploded into the scene at the very end of the 80s. Nowadays, bands like Hammerfall help the style get more exposure along with many clones that have arisen since. What I like about Domine is the true effort they put in releasing good albums release after release all the while improving their sound, song-writing, and overall quality of their music. Stormbringer Ruler is filled with great battle hymns, huge choruses, and this overall epic feeling. Being the third release for the band, it confirms them as a leader band in the Italian metal scene along with Secret Sphere, Rhapsody and Labyrinth, although their sound is less symphonic than the above mentioned bands.

Another peculiarity of the band would be their singer, Morby, who has a tone really hard to describe, which makes him a pretty singular singer, one who can sing really high but who can also show great range from low to high pitched screaming. The music is a pure true and epic metal fest with furious double bass drumming and interesting twin guitars riffing. The keyboards are there to complement the music, but they are not overpresent, so you don't find yourself with a band trying to simply copy Rhapsody in their world of fantasy. In fact, Domine enjoys the writings of Michael Moorcock, having some of their songs based on Elric of Melnibone, the same character that inspired Blind Guardian's "Tanelorn" song.

Domine sure won't reinvent anything in the metal world, but at least their will and honesty of delivering strong music album after album just prove the band to be worth a place in the metal future.

Similar To: Manowar, Hammerfall

[This review originally appeared November 2002 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
The Legend Of The Power Supreme / The Hurricane Master / Horn Of Fate / The Ride Of The Valkyries / True Leader Of Men / The Bearer Of The Black Sword / The Fall Of The Spiral Tower / For Evermore / Dawn Of A New Day - A Celtic Requiem

Morby - vocals
Riccardo Iacono - keyboards
Enrico Paoli - guitar
Riccardo Paoli - bass
Stefano Bonini - drums

Champion Eternal (1997)
Dragonlord (1999)
Stormbringer Ruler (The Legend Of The Power Supreme) (2001)
Emperor Of The Black Runes (2004)
Ancient Spirit Rising (2007)

Genre: Traditional Metal

Origin IT

Added: December 12th 2004
Reviewer: Mathieu Chamberland
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