Drakkar - Razorblade God

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Dragonheart
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:04:00

Let's say it this right away - some fans will be amazed while other will be completely displeased. Drakkar have changed. Not enough, mind you, to say that they are a completely different band but enough to say that their sound is not the same anymore. Does the addition of a new singer help their change? I think it had an impact on the overall sound of the band with his powerful, emotional vocals that have a wider range than his predecessor and who is ultimately more interesting to listen to.

Even though the music is still pure melodic power metal frenzy, like only the Italians knows the recipe, the overall heavier production and mix helped the band make their sound evolve into something stronger and more polished than their two first albums (Quest For Glory and Gemini). This time around they don't sound like the "demo" band they were in the past. Today, their music is more akin to the likes of Domine than Rhapsody, which puts them in the true metal slot more than in the symphonic metal style. They use the keyboards more for ambience than as a full instrument. The main highlight of Razorblade God would be the strong song writing throughout the ten tracks, ranging from mid-paced songs to the more frequent speedy numbers. It would be tempting to use the cliché "they don't reinvent the wheel" but I prefer to say that even though their music is typical power metal they have put enough effort and passion in to their work as to not make it sound like they are just following today's power metal trend.

Finally, will old fans be disappointed with the new Drakkar sound? Not that much. Who would really be displeased by a band who gets better and better after each release. Check them out, they'll still be around in the future.

Similar To: Domine, Morifade, Secret Sphere

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Razorblade God / Man And Machine / To The Future / Inferno / The Matrix / Galadriel's Song / Lo Shan Shen Long Pa (Great Dragon Rising From The Mountain of Lo) / The Next Generation / Witches' Dance / Kingdom Of Madness* / Bonus Track: N-Zone

(*cover of the Magnum song)

Davide Dell'Orto - vocals
Dario Beretta - guitars and backing vocals
Daniele Persoglio - bass guitars
Christian Fiorani - drums

We Sail At Dawn (demo tape) (1997)
Quest For Glory (1998)
Gemini (2000)
Razorblade God (2002)

Genre: Melodic Metal

Origin IT

Added: December 12th 2004
Reviewer: Mathieu Chamberland
Artist website: www.drakkar.it
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Language: english


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