Chrome Shift - Ripples In Time

Year of Release: 2003
Label: DVS Records
Catalog Number: DVS008
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:47:00

In a time where the majority of people listen to instant artists or music recycled by the computer, five guys from Denmark come with a refreshing debut album: Ripples In Time. Their music is inspired by bands such as King's X, Pain of Salvation and Dream Theater, but still they have managed to create their own sound.

Chrome Shift was founded by Otto Schüt (guitar) and Jens Christian Nielsen (bass) who teamed up with piano player Jakob Paulsen and drummer Poul Terkildsen. They played together for a year, whilst looking for the perfect singer whom they finally found in Rasmus Bak. Well, quality singers are very hard to find, but Rasmus has a good voice. The songs are very refreshing and well played. The band has a good balance between the keys and the guitar, which results in an album that is a pleasure to listen to. (Of course also the bass and drum sound are well mixed!) "In My Own Dream" is a progressive song that gives room to all the musicians to show what they can do and it has a nice guitar solo. Two titles that stand out are: "Kosmonauten Er Død" (instrumental) and "Le Temps Des Assasins." Crunchy guitars, fast drumming and clear keys! The song "Sorry" starts very monotonous, but ends in a superb guitar solo as well as an excellent keyboard solo. The last four tracks together form the title track "Ripples In Time," a small epic with a running time of almost 20 minutes. A great song, with everything in it: good vocals, heavy guitar riffs, great bass, steady drumming and a few great solos.

The artwork of the album is done by Mattias Norén and looks fantastic, which can also be said about the production of the album. A very impressive debut.

Although I get the feeling I have heard certain parts before, Ripples In Time is a debut album the band can be proud of. It is a pleasure to listen so when it finished, I played it again. My four year old son loves it just as much as I do, so need I say more? This band has a good potential and definitely deserves your support. The album will be released in March [2003], so check with your local CD shop and get this one!

[This review originally appeared February 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Nightmachine (5:24) / Full Moon (4:45) / In My Own Dream (4:13) / Shadowsong (1:07) / Through (5:54) / Kosmonauten Er Død (3:56) / Le Temp Des Assassins (3:47) / Sorry (4:39) / Ripples In Time I (5:16) / Ripples In Time II (5:31) / Ripples In Time III (4:41) / Ripples In Time IV (4:27)

Otto Schütt - guitars
Jens Christian Nielsen - bass
Jakob Paulsen - keyboards
Poul Terkildsen - drums
Rasmus Bak - vocals

Ripples In Time (2003)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin DK

Added: December 12th 2004
Reviewer: Marcel Haster
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Language: english


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