Iconoclasta - Iconoclasta/Reminiscencias

Year of Release: 1989
Label: Art Sublime
Catalog Number: AS 289-001
Format: CD
Total Time: 79:59:00

An acoustic feel is prevalent throughout the first half of this disk, comprised of 1983's Iconoclasta. The musicianship here is spot on, the interplay between the instruments energetic and well matched.

"Manantial," with its synth washes, melodic guitar lines, and gentle manner, is my favourite track on this excellent album by this Mexican group. The playing is intricate throughout - comparing them to anyone else is difficult. While there are touches of ELP here and there, for the most part Iconoclasta chart their own path, stiring up too many influences - prog or not - into the mix. This simply is a very beautiful album.

"Estudio VI" sounds at one moment Latin flavoured, at another southwestern, and at another almost Celtic. This track goes through so many time changes, it seems like it should be longer than just under six minutes - which isn't to say its overlong, but that they pack so much into this track.

[I failed to note in this short review (part of the Quick Takes section from days of yore) that the other half (roughly) is Reminiscencias from 1985. -SS]

Iconoclasta: Cuentos De Arquicia (5:10) / Dorian (6:17) / Manantial (4:41) / Memorias De Un Hechicero (7:03) / Estudio VI (5:47) / Origen Cuspide Y Muerte (6:34) / Fuera De Casa (8:30) / Reminiscencias: La Gestacion De Nuestro Mundo (3:10) / El Hombre Sobre La Tierra (9:05) / La Era De Los Metabolismos Tecnologicos (5:44) / Reminiscencias De Un Mundo Sin Futuro (17:58)

Ricardo Moreno - guitars and synthesizers
Ricardo Orteg?n - guitar
Nohemi D' Rubin - bass, guitar
Rosa Flora Moreno - piano, organ, synthesizers
V?ctor Baldovinos - drums and percussion

Iconoclasta (1983)
Reminiscencias (1985)
Soliloquio (1987)
Suite Mexicana (ep) (1987)
Siete Anos (comp.) (1988)
Adoliscencia Cronica (1989)
Iconoclasta/Reminiscencias (1989)
En Busco De Sentido (1990)
Iconoclasta En Concierto (1991)
La Reincarnation Del Maquievalo (1992) De Todos Uno (1994)
Trece A?os (1996) La Granja Humana (2000)

Genre: Fusion-Jazz Fusion

Origin MX

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Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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