Rare Blend - Evolution Theory

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Tough Stream Music
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 44:36:00

Rare Blend explores their own Evolution Theory by taking music and all its possibilities to another level of audio perception by combining jazz and rock to create a fusion of sound that is both bracing and multifaceted in nature. There is a "Rare Blend" evident here. Music meets man and the ultimate achievement is the conception of sound and vision seen through a projector screen within each individual's minds eye. This all sounds heady in nature; music like this can be that way, particularly when an album image is as thought provoking as the one on this CD. Their theory of evolution takes place in an undersea world were a half-man seahorse like creature seems to be the keeper of the gate to his world. Well, that is my imagination at work; you can come up with your own interpretation. The music, however, is another matter.

Vic Samalot plays King Neptune wielding his powerful six-string, rolling off note upon note of jazz and rock flourishes, backed by a tasteful keyboard courtesy of Bobbi Holt, the princess of the deep. The rhythm section is bolstered by Jeff Scott and Kip Reed on bass and Paul Stranahan on drums and percussion, they are the keepers of the beat. They make their world mysterious with sounds that echo throughout the undersea world. I love music that excites my imagination and creates its own little story in my head. Only exceedingly thoughtfully arranged compositions have this ability, and only the very best artists can finish the process from start to finish. Can you tell I really enjoyed this music? I think I have succeeded in expressing my appreciation for what it is to me and how it could be for you. The only way to write your own story is to listen to it all yourself.

Besides the entirely engaging and multihued razor sharp funky fused instrumental tracks, only one offers vocals, the bonus track "So Cool." Bobbi Holt has a fantastic voice and one that they should used more frequently. Make no mistake about it though, their instrumentals are superior, yet when I heard her voice it just made me melt. What a blessing to have so much talent in one band and have the ability to be so flexible. If you enjoy prog-rock and jazz or any combination thereof this CD is your ticket to paradise.

Little Mean Baby (4:28) / Lost 7/8 (4:25) / Catemaco (5:31) / Belly Dancer (7:17) / Chillin' (4:15) / Techno Jam (3:36) / Apochromatic Wanderings (6:59) / Fifty Thousand Years (2:53) / Rod's Migraine (1:43) / So Cool (5:29) *Bonus Track

Vic Samalot - Electric and acoustic guitars
Bobbi Holt - Keyboards, vocals, didgeridoo
Paul Stranahan - Drums, percussion
Jeff Scott - Bass
Kip Reed - Bass (6, 10)

Cinefusion (1995)
Infinity (2000)
Evolution Theory (2002)
Stops Along The Way (2005)

Genre: Various Genres

Origin US

Added: February 1st 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.rareblend.net
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Language: english


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