Deep Purple - Purpendicular

Year of Release: 1996
Label: BMG Entertainment
Catalog Number: 74321338022
Format: CD
Total Time: 62:28:00

Because of the new Deep Purple release, scheduled for August, I thought I'd review Purpendicular; in my opinion, their best work after Perfect Strangers.

The reason is very simple: Steve Morse, the virtuoso Dixie Dregs' guitar player, took the place of Ritchie Blackmore, tired of playing with his band. I think Morse is one of the most expert guitarists and he has a very peculiar style.

In fact, listening to this album, it's easy to recognize his mark on this disc. It can be noticed in both the hard-rock songs or in the ballads. For example, "The Aviator" has an acoustic start which could have appeared on the Steve Morse Band's Structural Damage.

With his presence, the whole group seemed to wake up from a sleep in which it had been caught for a long time. Purpendicular is a team effort and this fact is represented by the song writing: all the tracks are written by the five members.

Ian Gillan's voice is good although it isn't the same as in the past times (like in the Seventies indeed), Jon Lord's organ (he left the group last March) is less repetitive than usual and Roger Glover is the protagonist, playing some wonderful riffs like in Rosa's Cantina.

I prefer the longest songs of the disc, "Loosen My Strings" and "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming," which are very complex pieces, but with great melodies at the same time.

A very good album, although there are songs I don't like too much: the heavy "Somebody Stole My Guitar" and "Soon Forgotten."

Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic (4:16) / Loosen My Strings (5:57) / Soon Forgotten (4:47) / Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (7:29) / Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover (4:43) / The Aviator (5:20) / Rosa's Cantina (5:10) / A Castle Full Of Rascals (5:11) / A Touch Away (4:36) / Hey Cisco (5:53) / Somebody Stole My Guitar (4:09) / The Purpendicular Waltz (4:45)

Ian Gillan - lead vocals and harmonica
Roger Glover - bass
Jon Lord - keyboards
Steve Morse - guitars
Ian Paice - drums

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Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: February 11th 2003
Reviewer: Davide Guidone

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