Kraan - Live 2001

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Bassball Recordings
Catalog Number: 20013BAS
Format: CD
Total Time: 69:56:00

Kraan is an example that there is just so much out there, it is impossible to hear it all. Kraan has been around since the 70s and yet I had not so much as heard of them. This version features a standard 4-piece setup of keys, guitar, bass & drums. I do believe at one time the band included a saxophonist. The band's sound at times resembles 70s fusion, complex lines played in unison. But then other tracks have more a loose, open feel like "Far West." A very tight live band.

"Let It Out" opens the disc with a mid-tempo groove, and gives off a Phish-like feel, especially in the vocal delivery. The jams continue into "Borgward," getting a little heavier with a lot of guitar. A few guitar / keyboard duels take place, and the track has a 70s jazz fusion vibe. The keyboard sounds used give that 70s flavor, the Fender Rhodes, and moogs among others. The band gets funky in "Let's Take A Ride," as keyboardist Ingo Bischof lays down some Moog solos. Though mostly instrumental, some of the tracks do contain vocals. The tracks with vocals still feature plenty of instrumental segments. Bassist Helmut Hattler shows off some impressive chops throughout, but really tears through the "Vollgas Ahoi."

Dare I say the band can groove and create a happy vibe during "Yaqui Yagua?" Kraan overall is an enjoyable listen, reflecting back on the 70s fusion era, with mixes of spacey, more jam oriented tracks played by an excellent group of musicians.

Let It Out (6:27) / Borgward (8:31) / Let?s Take A Ride (5:17) / Hallo Jaja ? I Don?t Know (7:36) / Vollgas Ahoi (6:02) / Dinner For Two (1:34) / Far West (4:24) / Yaqui Yagua (7:19) / Jerk Of Life (4:18) / Nam Nam (14:28) / Andy Nogger (3:54)

Peter Wolbrandt - guitar, vocals
Ingo Bischof - keyboards
Jan Fride - drums
Hellmut Hattler - bass, vocals

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Genre: Fusion-Jazz Fusion

Origin DE

Added: April 6th 2003
Reviewer: Eric Porter

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Language: english


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